Toridama Brave Challenge Switch Review: Don’t Be A Chicken

Toridama Brave Challenge is a classic Japanese party game of irrelevance, nonsense and darn right fun from the get-go. The learning curve is insanely simple but to master some of the games is incredibly frustrating.

A perfect companion piece for the Nintendo Switch for those who like a party game to entice their non-playing friends or relatives to just have a go, Toridama Brave Challenge does not feel out of place. On par with WarioWare: Smooth Moves, these are quick-fire games to test timing skills to the max. The premise is simple: press any button at the precise time an event should end.

Toridama Brave Challenge - Drink pouring challenge
I’ll stop pouring when you stop drinking

Take for example the pouring game. A hand will pour the liquid into a variety of containers – a bottle, glass or test tube and the goal is to press the button just before the liquid spills. The closer it is to not spill over, the higher the score. The perfect score is 9999, which ranks as as crazy. Cock up from the outset by chickening out and the score is most likely -9999.

There are three random games to play and after the third is a ranking system based on your chicken status. More games are unlocked and just as mad as WarioWare: Smooth Moves but there is no need to analyse them as it is all about picking up the game and testing reaction times.

Toridama Brave Challenge Switch review - 80% chicken score results
80% chicken. The rest is water

Both the graphics and sound are simple too. The graphics are cut-out sketches which look like they were an afterthought but just add to the fun. For a Nintendo eShop game, this is an easy sell. Longevity is questionable as once you unlock all the games, the only other options are to play the crazy mode – a bit like survival but the aim is to get a high score in the crazy region. There isn’t any room for error so I didn’t get very far.

Still, in comparison to 1-2-Switch, this is good value. It just depends on the price on the eShop at the time. It’s worth the cost alone to see your nan patiently jump out an aeroplane, to time everything just right then not press the button in time while dropping an f-bomb as they ‘had it that time‘.

Toridama Brave Challenge Switch Review


A fun party game where the skill level is solely timing as there’s only one button to press. You’ll most likely unlock all the games in the first playthrough, so expect this to be one to showcase when you have visitors around or show off your times.