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Weapon Of Choice DX – What’s Yours, Fellow ‘Older Gamer’?

22 July 20212 min read

Weapon Of Choice DX has a tag line of ‘wild run and gun for older gamers’, and while shmup is the type of thing I grew up…

Age Of Darkness Last Stand Puts Up A Fight In Early Access

22 July 20212 min read

The ultimate last stand is showcased in upcoming survival RTS Age Of Darkness Last Stand as it gets an Early Access announcement trailer from Playside Studios. A dark fantasy…

Arcade Archives Vendetta Out Now On PS4 and Switch

22 July 20211 min read

If your memories of arcades were sweaty, noisy enclaves of joy rather than a Netflix documentary, you’ll be pleased to hear Arcade Archives Vendetta is out on the…

Who Stole My Beard? Will Be Solved In August

21 July 20213 min read

Neil Collier’s Who Stole My Beard? resonates on so many levels. First off, it’s a beard-related detective story, full of dad jokes. Secondly, it’s in memory of the…

Highrisers Review (PC): Survivors Disassemble!

21 July 20214 min read

Highrisers is the epitome of the zombie genre for me: there’s no hope. I’ve never got past season two of The Walking Dead for that exact reason – I…

Eggy Review (PC): Hard Boiled Physics

21 July 20215 min read

Eggy does not disappoint. After playing the demo during the Steam Next Fest, I found the simple physics-based mechanics great. An indie title from Kjoeb, I thoroughly enjoyed…

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