As it’s relatively fresh and doesn’t appear to have much coverage (perhaps because of the sexual content?!), I decided to draft up a Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid walkthrough as it’s not exactly easy, despite a relatively short playthrough when you know how.

Spoilers are throughout – it’s a walkthrough. It’s written from start to finish with a list of the collectable floppy disks at the end. This isn’t a definitive order, but I listed them based on the playthrough. All other achievements unlock through story progression and can’t be missed. It’s just those floppies.

My only advice with this Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid walkthrough is to make sure you remember to pick up items after being given them by NPCs, as they don’t automatically add to your inventory.

Jerry Wanker And The Quest To Get Laid Walkthrough

From Jerry’s bedroom, pick up the make-do leg, game controller, tripod, telescope (in the box under the desk), the robot on the shelf, and the piggy bank to get a coin. Collect the floppy above the sofa, between the posters. Use the desk and drag the tripod and telescope onto it, followed by the duct tape. Now, use the telescope on the desk by the window and use it. Leave the house.

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Walkthrough - Loser
Loser. Source: Screen capture

Walk left and use the leg on the dog, and take the flowers behind it. Walk past your house and open the red mailbox to get another floppy. Enter the house behind it. After the beating, walk right and take the chalk from the body outline, a little further right and take the shovel. Now go to the cemetery between Jerry’s and Olivia’s homes.

Take the leaf to the left of the bench and talk to the priest. Take the floppy from the fountain. Head North and take the paper aeroplane and talk to the devil to get a jazz mag. Pick up the honeysuckle from the bush. Take the floppy from the recess above the bench. Head South into the cemetery and talk to the widow. Pick up the severed hand and use the shovel on the grave next to the reaper to get a screwdriver. There’s a floppy on the left crypt.

Head back to where you found the dog, walk to the left and give the paper aeroplane to the old man. Use the updated paper on the keypad by the garage to get access to your bike. Take the ladder and Jerry can (ha!) and use your bike to enter the next area.

Pick up the bug spray, go into the sex shop and use it on the clerk to get the paddle. Walk to the far right and collect the floppy mounted on the wall in a frame. Leave and go into the bar. Collect the floppy on the table at the bottom and talk to the bartender. Walk to the right and collect the robot arms from the toilet. Exit, then pick up the blue hose outside, then open the motorcycle bag to get the WD40, then talk to the chap on the right. Go into the off-licence and look at the poster when you walk in. Speak to the clerk and give her the coin for some yeast. Grab the floppy off the ladder on the right, then return to Jerry’s bedroom.

Combine the robot and robot arms on the bench, then take this and use it on the mermaid fountain to get a key, then give the paddle to the priest. Go to the church and pick up the pickaxe, and talk to the priest who asks for viagra. Take the rope and the floppy on the stand to the bottom right. Return to the dog, use the rope on it, then pick it up and go back to the hobo outside the off-licence and give it to him. Pick up the metal detector after he leaves it, then return to the mermaid fountain and use the detector on the patch where the cupids fell to get a ring.

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Review - A grave situation
A grave situation. Source: Screen capture

Outside Olivia’s house, toggle the invisibility (!) and go inside. Once in her room, go invisible again and take the anal lube, the floppy on the window seat in the centre, and the floppy hidden behind her bed pillow. Exit her room and go to the room on the left. A floppy is hidden behind a photo on the end unit and another on the shelf below. Attempt to pick up the white leisure suit jacket to get a condom and interact with the cuckoo clock. Use the screwdriver to get a spring. Take the sleeping pills from under the bed and the bottle of whisky in the side, then go back into the hall, use the stepladder in the attic and go up.

Take the bolt cutters and put the yeast in the bottle for later. Take the plumbers’ tools and use the pickaxe on the rubble on the bed. Take the floppy. Leaven and then use the game controller on the console to play Cliff at a game, and he’ll tell you about some panties in Bobby’s car. There’s a floppy on the fireplace. Go through the door to the bathroom and take the toilet roll. Exit, then go into the kitchen and take the glove and the gelatin from the shelf, the floppy behind the saucepans, pick up the detergent, and then use the condom with the jug of water. Now go back to the church.

Give the priest the sleeping pills, use the key on the nun, and then talk to her. Talk to her twice to convince her to dance at the bar in town. Take the floppy under the seat, then pull the candle on the left wall, the bottom right one, and then the one above to reveal a hidden compartment. Take the costume, then go outside and talk to the devil about the Necromonicum. In the cemetery, use the toilet roll on the lampost wire, then place the flowers on the gravestone to the left and talk to the widow again. 

Now go back to where you found the shovel (to the far right outside Olivia’s) and use the hand on the van to gain access. Take the camera and the ghost scanner and take the floppy from the windscreen. Return to the sex shop and use the anal lube on the rubber vagina and then pick it up. Go invisible, then take the jackhammer. Go back to the motorbike and use the bolt cutters on the lock, then hand the whisky to the hobo, then pull the alarm switch. Go back into the off-licence, go invisible, then steal the large bottle of wine on the far right. Return to the cemetery. Give the wine to the widow, then go back to the church.

In the church, use the jackhammer dildo on the wall and take the bible. Go back to the bar and talk to the bartender. Pick up the drink and give it to the fella below, followed by giving him some honeysuckle from the church, then steal his boots. Walk right, use the WD40 on the man’s wrist and pick it up.

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Walkthrough - Cheat
Cheat. Source: Screen capture

Back at Jerry’s bedroom, combine the condom, detergent and gelatine, then use the rubber vagina, wrist bracelet and spring. Go back to Olivia’s and use the vag contraption on Bobby to get his car keys. Outside, use the keys to the car, take the panties, then go in the house and give them to David to get rid of him. Take the floppy where David was standing. Go outside, take and use David’s sunglasses on Jerry, then go to the sex shop to pick up a package.

Return to the cemetery and use the camera on Bobby, then the dildo to barricade the door. Take the widow’s hat off the bench, then give it to the hobo outside the off-licence to swap for his. Now, back at Jerry’s, combine the hat, S&M suit and boots and give this to Cliff inside Olivia’s after giving him the wank mag. Pick up the mag after the scene and give this to the devil at the church for the Necromonicum. Then, head into Olivia’s Room and use the ghost scanner on her. Go into the attic and use the chalk and Necromonicum on the bones, followed by the bible. Return to Olivia and give her the photo of Bobby, then help decorate her room with jizz.

The next stop is the bathroom. Using the plumbing tools on the pipe, then talk to Sofia about a razor. Pop out into the lounge to check Cliff’s pants to get the razor, then use this on Sofia to help her shave her cat, then give her the condom concoction. Back to Jerry’s bench and combine the pubes with the leaf… return to the bar and give this to the fella with the wrist to get some sugar. Pick up the floppy on the stool where the guy with the boots was. Before returning to Olvia’s attic, open the garbage to take some apples. Use these, the sugar, Jerry can, hose, and glove to make some cider. Make sure to take the can when full.

Before going to the kitchen, quickly head back to Jerry’s and use the floppy disks in the computer. You should now have all 20. If not, look at the list below, as you won’t be able to unlock the achievement otherwise. Give the cider to Alice, then after the scene, take the poker chips and take them up to Olivia for the money shot.

Jerry Wanker And The Quest To Get Laid Floppy Disk Locations

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Walkthrough - Floppies
Floppies. Source: Screen capture
  1. Jerry’s room above the sofa, between the posters
  2. Outside Olivia’s house in the red mailbox.
  3. In the mermaid fountain by the priest.
  4. In the recess above the green bench outside the church.
  5. On the left of the crypt in the cemetery.
  6. In a picture frame to the far right of the sex shop.
  7. On the first table in the bar.
  8. Located on the stepladder in the off-licence.
  9. On the stand in the bottom right of the screen in the church.
  10. The centre of the window seat in Olivia’s Room.
  11. Behind Olivia’s bed pillow in her room.
  12. Hidden behind a photo frame on the rear unit in Olivia’s parents’ room.
  13. Underneath the shelf of the above.
  14. After using the pickaxe on the rubble in Olivia’s attic, a floppy is revealed.
  15. On the fireplace in Olivia’s home.
  16. Behind the saucepans in the Olviai’s kitchen.
  17. Under a seat in the church after giving the priest the sleeping pills.
  18. On the windscreen of the ghostbusting van.
  19. In Olivia’s bathroom after David leaves.
  20. On the stool in the bar where you stole the boots (get late in the game)

Link to the Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid review, and if you haven’t got it yet, the Steam store page.