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Looking for the game reviews only? You hit gold my friend as this is where I stock the good stuff. Mostly Nintendo Switch games, with some PS4 and a slowly expanding PSVR collection.

If you care about how games are scored, publishers send me a massive brown envelope filled with cash, jewels and chocolate. I then give them the best scores known to humankind. In reality, I give games a score on my experience. Sometimes you'll agree, sometimes you won't, but it's all relative and I aim to give an honest opinion.

Dead or School Switch Review

Dead Or School PS4 Review

In a world where mutants dominate Tokyo's surface, tired of living underground, schoolgirl Hisako ventures out to find paradise: school. Dead or School out now!

Pathologic 2 - Dance

Pathologic 2 PS4 Review

A sequel of sorts to the original 2005 game, Pathologic 2 is a first-person survival game in a bleak environment that's rich in lore. But...