The Silly Knight Prologue Is Free On

A non-autobiographical point and click by a solo dev, completely free on - The Silly Knight Prologue.

Help the silly knight increase his website audience by… oh wait, wrong knight – this is about the other silly one looking to grow their audience so they can make a bigger game by offering a free point and click adventure on

The Silly Knight is the character created by Alexander Preymak, who is trapped within a prison and needs to determine what it is behind a closed door. Freedom? A witty in-joke? A MacGuffin? Fortunately, you can find out yourself, but if you’re a fast reader, here’s what I think: it has potential.

What must have taken a fair amount of time to produce can be completed in a few minutes as there’s only one puzzle, and it’s a conventional one for adventurers. There’s only one room to navigate and a handful of items to collect and combine, though should the developer stick with the art style and animations, it could be quite the treat.

For example, when the knight interacts with an object, a comic book panel pops up with an animatic. No doubt this will be a nightmare for one person to animate, though as an end-user, it’s lovely and a good touch. There’s even an in-game radio to change the tunes, so don’t expect any Norwegian death metal.

The Silly Knight Prologue - Radio jailbird
Radio jailbird. Source:

The Silly Knight Prologue is well-illustrated and has a nice art style. It’s too early to comment on the dialogue, and while the voice acting is far from torturous, it does sound like it was recorded in a bucket and is a little quieter than the rest of the game.

Prologues aren’t about bragging rights; they’re a showcase of what’s to come, or what could come, should it get the attention it deserves. The Silly Knight Prologue is a decent teaser, should Alexander have the time and money to produce the game. The first step is playing it and sharing the experience with your fellow adventurers!