The Plague Doctor Of Wippra Walkthrough 100% Achievements

Short or not, this can be a challenging game if you want all the achievements, so... here's a The Plague Doctor Of Wippra walkthrough with 100% achievements

As with all guides, I encourage you to work out as many puzzles as possible. There will be spoilers in The Plague Doctor of Wippra walkthrough (obvs), so you have been warned. Again: exhaust as many conversations as you can. Choices do matter if you want a good ending. The achievement list is at the foot of this page.

The Plague Doctor Of Wippra Walkthrough

Get out of bed. Take your bag from the table in the foreground, then your knife, followed by your medicinal book. Leave the room and talk to the guard. Afterwards, look at the top left of the screen on the building for the jester doodle.

Pick up the stick and use it on the rats on the building to the right, then enter and close the door. Examine the boy but realise you need light. Take the lid off the pot to the right, then use the knife on the string (from the hanging dried herbs), take the bowl and combine it with the beef broth. Add the string as your wick, and use the knife on the stick to get a chip. Use that on the coals and talk to the boy on the stool to move them. Light your lamp, place it on the stool and inspect the boy.

Now leave. There are multiple options throughout The Plague Doctor of Wippra. For my first playthrough, I kept quiet about the family, but after seeing the ending, decided to tell the guard that the younger son had the plague. After your chat, go up towards the church and meet the nuns.

Go right and meet the Countess. Take the bowl on the table and inspect the left bookcase for a zodiac chart. You need to speak with her again to work out where to perform the bloodletting. The answers are as follows;

  • Gemini for the arms
  • Pisces for the feet
  • Aries for the head
  • Taurus for the neck
  • Sagittarius for the thighs

Leave the room and go into the opposite one. Take the oil and hook hanging on the wall. Leave to the right and use the hook on the statue to sharpen it, back to the right to the Countess, then perform the procedure. Take the bowl of blood, inspect the cabinet on the right, and leave.

Go back to the kitchen and talk to the nun, leave to the left and visit the patients. After agreeing to help, talk to Hans about his wounds. Take the bucket from the cabinet to the right, then return to the kitchen. Talk to the nun, get the key to the cabinet (to make ointment), and mention the family. They will feed the family if you get rid of the rats. Go back to the Countess and use the key on the cabinet to grab a candle, exit the room and exchange the candle you collected with the one on the right. 

Exit the building and take cuttings (using the knife) of the daisies and the smelly flowers. Walk to the left and talk to the people guarding the well to find out they believe it’s poisoned. Head back inside and speak to Hermann, the guard, about the Jews, then ask the Countess for help (mention her physician).

Thank the Countess for her support for an achievement, then once the mob have disappeared, use the bucket on the well and take the rake, too. Combine the daisies with the oil, followed by the beeswax candle and heat in the kitchen. Return to the shed, use the rake on the puddle to get the key and use it in the door. Go inside, close the door and take the drill. Note the leeches for a moment… Go back to Sister Agathe and give her the water. Use the ointment on Hans. Talk to Agathe again, then leave.

Take the ladder and place it against the wall leading to the kitchen. Go in the shed and use the blood on the leeches and leave. A magpie will appear. Go touch it (walk over to it), and it’ll move. Head outside the church and walk to the right until the magpie disappears. Return to the shed, climb the ladder and take a feather from the magpie. Go inside the shed, use the feather with the blood and then move on to the leeches. Take the leeches, go back to Erna in the ward and use them on her. A cutscene begins, and you now have to save Otto.

Inspect Otto and then open the cupboard to take the tweezers and cloth. Take the leech bowl at the foot of Erna’s bed. Revisit the shed and use the leech jar with the wine, plus the cloth on the wine (for Otto). Go back to the kitchen and talk to the sister about the head fracture, then back to the ward and ask Agathe for a coin and you’ll have the chance to head to town. Talk with the miller to find that he doesn’t care about Otto. Talk with the merchant to the left to get a pamphlet and give this to the miller. Choose the following:

  • The pardoners are wrong…
  • No one can achieve forgiveness 
  • Whoever does not help a person in need

No matter your response, the priest will deem you a sinner. Use the wine-soaked cloth on Otto in the ward, then the tweezers. Drill into Otto’s head and use the silver. Go back to Erna and talk to her. Show her the smelly herbs, then place these on the fire in the kitchen. Pick up the vinegar and use it in the bowl with wine. Go back to where the Countess was sitting, place the jar of wine/vinegar on the chair, leave, and return to the room to pick it up. Back outside and climb the ladder to collect the holy brush. Speak with the sister in the kitchen about helping the family, then return to town (you should have the option to say you’ve fulfilled your duties for the day). Use the brush with the vinegar and apply it to the rats twice. Knock on the door.

After the scene, look out the window. Grab your bag and the letter (Keep A Cool Head achievement). Use your knife on the linen and the rope on the window to escape. Outside, interact with the garbage and exit right. Talk to Susanne on the right, then after sleeping, look out the window.

Outside, look at then take the rag. Go inside and use the rag on Oswald. Use the knife on the logs and place the chips on the pot to the right. Ask Susanne to light the chips and collect the soot to use on her and Oswald (pick up the soot from the pot once more). Exit and get on the cart (tell the driver you’re too sick to walk, and you end up bribing him). In the cart, click on Oswald to remove his disguise, then follow the dialogue with the driver (you argued with a priest). Ensure you say you don’t need the details about the dead, for the ignorance is a blessing achievement. 

After the cart journey, knock on the door and talk to the relative. Ask if she needs help. Once inside, inspect the patient. Pick up the cooking pot, use it with the water to the left, and then place it on the fire. Leave the building and look at it, then take the cloth hanging up. Look to the right to take the elderflower. Use your knife on the tree to get some bark, then place both ingredients into the pot that’s boiling inside. Give the tea to the patient (say God sent you), then use the linen in the water and then onto the patient once more. Talk to his wife and sit it out until tomorrow. Knock on the door and follow the scene…

  • As long as you thank the Countess after the well scene, she’ll support you.
  • The Guard will back you if you told him about the family with the plague when he asks.
  • You’ll only get the miller’s support if you save Otto (correct cleaning process)
  • Don’t piss off the gravekeeper on the cart, and you’ll be safe.
  • Talking to the nuns at every opportunity keeps them in the loop. They’ll forgive you about the brush.
  • I hope this helped you with this excellent point and click. If you clicked on this guide by accident, you can read the review here. Skimming the text looking for the achievements list? Here it is.

The Plague Doctor of Wippra 100% Achievements

The Jester – located in the top left of the building where you first meet the constable/guard of Wippra.

Man of science – despite getting the support of the people, when asked if you renounce your theory of the rats, stand by it (bad ending!).

Professional wound surgeon – use the cleaning cloth with the wine in the shed when tending to Otto.

Senior physician – don’t refer to the medicine book – i.e., read this walkthrough.

Face your fate – complete the game, homes.

Ignorance is a blessing – when the cart driver talks about the dead (when you are travelling with Susanne), say you don’t need the details.

Stand by your word – return to Sven and his family, ensuring you got rid of the rats and spoke with the nuns about bringing them food supplies.

Keeping a cool head – when you are been chased by the priest in your room, take your letter with you (it’s on the desk).

A good servant – thank the Countess at the well.

An attentive student – finish that bloody zodiac puzzle – aaaarrrgghhh!!!