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Death is coming and all because of pizza. Time to fear the Reaper in Peace Death!. That’s right, the Reaper wants pizza. Actually, not the reaper, but a reaper. To get pizza they need money and that means a j-o-b.

In Peace Death! You are the reaper, working for Apocalypse Inc. – judging whether folk get into Heaven or Hell by a tap left for Hell, right for Heaven. Later a down tap for Purgatory to keep things a shade of grey. Not that kind of shade, pervert. Think of Peace, Death! as a moral Tinder – I mean, sending people to their eternal doom is much more ethical than a swipe over vanity? Is Peace, Death! any good? Hell yeah!

Peace Death! - TV
Killing time, waiting for the pizza.

Look for the signs

I saw this game originally pimped on YouTube. You can see the Peace Death! trailer here. Often trailers big up the product to things you’ll never actually see in the game or perhaps the best parts only. Here you’ll see the game as it is. There aren’t any new worlds or (playable) characters to unlock. Instead, you progress through each day at work finishing on the weekend. So based on the Peace Death! trailer, what you see is what you get and for that, it’s a good thing.

Peace Death! is an observation game. You can, of course, send everyone to Hell for whatever reason – and why not? You don’t need a reason. Although, if you want to play the game properly, you need to follow the simple rules, basing your decision on appearance. So I guess it is like Tinder. The difference between Peace Death! and Tinder is you can do the latter anonymously but under the roof of Apocalypse Inc. you are under the watchful eyes of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death, Pestilence, War and Kevin.

Jay from Jay and Silent Bob makes a cameo

Sending the demons to hell

Day one of your seven-week probation has you swipe left (Hell) for all demons and right (Heaven) for all humans. Easy peasy. Next, any of your ‘clients’ with horns go straight to Hell. However, so do the demons. You see, the criteria from the day before carries over. For example later on in the week you have swipe left for clients who are demons, have horns, carrying a weapon and have blood on them.

It still sounds easy but you need to do this as fast as possible to get a decent ranking. On top of that, there are distractions – rather – events where you have about four seconds to make each decision. Complete the day with accuracy and it unlocks these as clients. Of course, this makes it more challenging as more clients to differentiate and we are all different. We aren’t numbers. We’re demons too.

Donald Trump appears as a special guest

Multi-tasking for the wicked

Things do get a little bit more challenging when extra buttons are introduced such as pressing ‘X’ to remove a client’s hat to check if they have horns or not. In a bit of a stab at comparison, Peace Death! reminds me of a much simpler version of a QTE game like Dragon’s Lair or even some of the mini-games in Shenmue – albeit without the cursors on the screen. Peace Death! is a lot more fun though. The biggest comparison is Papers, Please. But I haven’t played that. I’ve just watched others play it. From the shadows. Licking my lips and rubbing my thighs. Anyway…

Some of the clients you unlock are pretty awesome. Tupac is in there (but he isn’t dead), along with Trump but to my delight – Jay and Silent Bob appear. Separately mind. The bulk that you unlock mostly come from the above-mentioned events, catastrophes and theme days. The first one encountered was Egypt – it literally launched a busload of clients to unlock all with an ancient Egyptian theme. The gods are a little confusing as they could pass as demons. I’m not being deep – Anubis has a jackal for a head.

Time is of the essence as the faster you complete the day with high accuracy, the better rank you get, the more goodies you unlock. After each level you can buy bonuses that will help you with the next level or perhaps put in a shift for one of the other employees, thus earning you some more loot.

And in the end…

I really enjoyed this game as you can pick it up and put it down (in theory) without having to look for a save point or beating a boss first. I completed week one in my first sitting as I was enjoying it so much. Accuracy wasn’t an issue for me as I initially took my time as I loved reading the witty dialogue or reference to a celeb (I’m sure I saw Jimmy Kimmel and Conan amongst my clients). When you are familiar with the sometimes repeated character or dialogue you can attempt to be a bit cocky and speed up but there are quite a few things to remember when processing a client so Peace Death! keeps you on your toes.

Today it was under a fiver at £4.49 and I’m happy with this. It’s best to purchase via the Switch but you can always grab Peace Death! from the Nintendo online shop. Bearing in mind it’s an old game now and this is no scoop, with the amount to choose from in the eShop, it’s nice to see a write up of whether something is any good or not. I’d recommend getting this for a quick game. It feels how some mobile games should be. While it’s great to have an opus like Octopath Traveler or Dark Souls Remastered, I do like the pick-up and play style of Peace Death! So, give peace a chance and send ‘em to Hell.

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