Mini Motor Racing X Release Date For The Switch

Mini Motor Racing X is coming to the Switch with some exclusive features for this excellent racer.

Coming to the Switch next month is Mini Motor Racing X, and quite frankly, why not sooner?

That’s right, I’ve played Mini Motor Racing X by The Binary Mill on the PlayStation 4, and it’s great! Think Micro Machines, only with a perfect selection of camera modes and a game that doesn’t try to be the classic retro title, instead, it’s own game.

The levels aren’t anything like tabletops but proper tropical resorts and Monaco like tracks, albeit bite-size enough to have a quick run through without doing Le Mans.

Mini Motor Racing X - Hot, Rod
Hot, Rod. Source: PR

There’s a multitude of cars on offer that can be unlocked and upgraded through progress with nitrous oxide in abundance. For racing, of course. Core features in Mini Motor Racing X include:

  • Massive career mode: Collect dozens of cars and race on over 50 tracks in hundreds of races with vibrant, rich visuals, day and night and in varying weather conditions.
  • Type X’ battle mode: The same fast-paced racing action, but with the added chaos of weapons. Available for both career mode and multiplayer races.
  • Upgrade your rides: Unlock dozens of cars and pump your hard earned winnings into turning them into high-performance beasts.
  • Multiplayer: Full online multiplayer with up to four friends and local campaign co-op.
  • Multiple ways to play: Play in 1st person, 3rd person, from above or a variety of other camera options.
  • Online cross play with other platforms, including VR

With Mini Motor Racing X we focused on features that bring out the best in the Switch, such as local splitscreen co-op career modes as well as a myriad of online unique modes. We can’t wait to jump in some online games with Switch racers!”

Ingmar Lak, The Binary Mill CEO

What’s so special about the Switch version?

  •  Easily invite your friends to play via the new Online Play Invites system
  • Up to 4 player local splitscreen (support for 2 and 3 also)
  • New in-car cockpits
  • Enhanced Type X mode

Check out the trailer below:

Mini Motor Racing X will be out on the Nintendo Switch on the 17th September. Make a note.