What do you want to know about me? What I’ll tell you. I’m somewhat human and write about games. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, and “professionally” for almost a couple of decades now. 

Yes, that old.

I prefer to write instead of streaming or making videos. I’d rather play games than watch others, unless we’re in the same room taking turns. The goal of this site is an excuse to regularly write, but also to recommend games based on preference rather than appeasing developers, publishers or marketing types.

About me, well, it's Code Vein - Snow

I’m not a particularly good gamer, but I draw on my experience from a wealth of platforms and titles.One of my interests, like everyone else, is cinema and while I studied the subject. My approach here is conversational and not supposed to increase your intelligence, or the size of your tallywhacker. I have a link I can give you that claims to do that.

Game development is a collective process; no one person is responsible for a title. Usually. My critique is a little more positive than average as I have a bias: my opinion. Obviously if the game is a point and click or has a good story or about a decent character, I’ll prefer that over an online deathmatch title.

My Favourite Colour Is…

My all-time favourite machine was the Amiga 500, and the console would have to be the Sega Dreamcast. Point and click adventures are my favourites, but I’m a fan of driving, fighting and football games too. I tend to avoid strategy titles as I can’t control myself and get too absorbed. That’s changed.

I don’t want to give review scores as it’s not an accurate scale.

You might agree or disagree, but it’s just my opinion. Review codes are often provided, and despite my requests for a bribe, it always falls flat, so the only other way is to be honest. If a game gets praised it’s because I like it and not because I was provided with hookers.

That’s all I have to say for now – hope you like the site, and please do follow me on Twitter, or any of the other social things that you kids do. 

Byeeeeeee x