What’s So Special About Little Ol’ Me?

This is an about me page. What else do you wanna know?

What do you want to know about me? I’m somewhat human and write about games on this site, using my fingers and keyboard, without an ounce of AI – speling mistaiks and all. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, and “professionally” for almost a couple of decades now. I prefer to write instead of streaming or making videos as I’m not very good at screaming.

I don’t claim to be an amazing gamer, but I do consume a lot of games and like to share. I’ll share my opinions on games if you share your wife and PIN. The purpose of this site, other than to hook up with your wife, is an excuse to regularly write as I’m not the diary type. My approach is casual and not supposed to increase your intelligence, vocabulary or the size of your Johnson.

About Vulgar Knight
Apparently, this is me. Right…

There is a bias towards story-driven games – point and click adventures, open worlds – that sort of thing, but I’m partial to beat ’em ups, driving games, and football titles. Strategy games as well as simulations also come out tops, as long as the latter isn’t about a dead grandpa. Online games don’t feature as much, unless it’s Disney Speedstorm.

Second Base

If you want to be in my gang, all you have to do is say that the Amiga 500 was the best computer of all time, and the best console was the Sega Dreamcast. At the time of writing (17:06), my platform preference, in order, is PC/Steam Deck, PS5, then the Nintendo Switch.

I have a love/hate relationship with review scores and currently leaving them out. The reviews should indicate my opinion, and if you want to look at a back catalogue, check out below.

Review codes are often provided, but nobody pays or offers bribes, so it’s in my interests to be honest. If a game gets praised it’s because I like it and not because I was provided with hookers. Still, if you know anyone in the… profession…

The Money Shot

The next bit would be about following me on social media, but I’ve abandoned it. The gaming community can be a bag of dicks, but my absence is because I’m too busy playing and writing about games. I have time for you though. Guest post requests get deleted, bitches.

Byeeeeeee x