Contact Me!

Perhaps a little hopeful of some fan mail, I’ve decided to add a contact form in case you’d like to get hold of me.

Below is the simplest of contact form. If you could jot down your name or alias, a contact email so I can get back to you and not spam you or chat about the weather (unless you wish), plus your comment so I can prepare my answer/get a black market passport and escape the country – I want a DNA test – please go ahead.

Contact me: Quality Control
Quality control, from yours truly. Source: Bitmoji

Game developers, publishers, PR wizards and anyone else on that side of the fence – chances are, I’ll contact you first, but if you want me to have a look at a title, or would like some coverage on the site with a scoop or similar, I’m all ears. And eyes; all the better to read your comments with. I cover the following:

  • PC – Steam, GOG, GamePass
  • PS4/PS5
  • Nintendo Switch

I write news articles, preview demos/WIP, reviews, the odd walkthrough or feature, and take some saucy photos we can go 60/40 on (60 to you).

I’ve since made some progress on an alphabetical review index (yeah, there’s probably an easier way to do it). Feel free to browse the so far list, alternatively you can have a look at the individual platform pages.

For the above, if you wish to quote anything I’ve said about a game you’ve made or represent, feel free to use it willy-nilly. Ha: willy.

For all of those people who want to blame the person they hired on Fiverr for plagiarising: do your research first on what an aggregator site is about. I don’t work hard on putting this together to have someone copy and paste my work directly on their site to make money off of my achy digits.

That’ll do donkey.

I've had enough emails of late of outreacher-types asking if I accept submissions - sometimes linking to their products because they found a keyword in a game review, but irrelevant to this site. Please promote my flower shop called Lila (Who's Lila?), we sell organic garlic - we'll source you a 1000 word article to post on your garlic site (V Rising), or PVC underwear - scratch that, that's referring to my browsing history). 

Oh, and I've already received that email from that long lost prince relative I never knew I had. I gave them my bank details, but not received the money yet...

If you are reading this and not just doing the rounds, i.e. 'does [ctrl+c, ctrl+v] 'VulgarKnights' accept submissions, backlinks and blood sacrifices?' No, I don't. If you're a dev, publisher or PR promoting a game - by all means, get in touch. Gamer, or just want to say hi in relation to what I write, please do (and sorry in advance if I don't get back to you. It is just me operating this ship). For everyone else such as marketing unrelated to the articles posted, save yourself the copy and paste.