Contact Me!

Perhaps a little hopeful of some fan mail, I’ve decided to add a contact form in case you’d like to get hold of me.

Below is the simplest of contacts forms. If you could jot down your name or alias, a contact email so I can get back to you, not spam you or chat about the weather (unless you wish), and your comment so I can prepare my answer/get a black market passport and escape the country. I want a DNA test.

Contact me: Quality Control
Quality control, from yours truly. Source: Bitmoji

Game developers, publishers, PR wizards and anyone else on that side of the fence – chances are, I’ll contact you first, but if you want me to have a look at a title, or would like some coverage on the site with a scoop or similar, I’m all ears. And eyes; all the better to read your comments with.

For the above, if you wish to quote anything I’ve said about a game you’ve made or represent, feel free to use it willy-nilly. Ha: willy.

For all of those people who want to blame the person they hired on Fiverr for plagiarising: do your research first on what an aggregator site is about. I work hard on putting this together, to not have someone copy and paste my work directly on their site in the aim of making money. I don’t, so why should you?

That’ll do donkey. Go read some reviews.