Justin Wack And The Big Time Hack Walkthrough (One Achievement Outstanding)

Too scared to use the in-game tips? Here's a Justin Hack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough with all the achievements except one. Just one - that's all I need!

It’s not the biggest point and click adventure, but the time it took to write this Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough makes it feel like an epic. Are you stuck on a particular puzzle? You do realise that there’s in-game help, right? Regardless, I’m here to hold your hand and guide you through any bits you’re stuck on.

Do note that I have the unofficial 100% for the game. Look away from this paragraph now, but there is one achievement that is only unlockable if you have the physical copy of Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack. I had the digital code, so only have 43 of 44 achievements. Hopefully, this guide clarifies how to get them all as I wrote it through two playthroughs. As with all my point and click walkthroughs, exhaust the conversations – that’s why they’re there; try to do it on your own first, and most importantly, have fun.

By the way, if you do know how to get that final achievement and want to share it, do get in touch 😛

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Act 1

Open the freezer, take out the frozen pie and use it in the microwave. Of course, tin foil is fine to nuke. Head into the portal. Inside, look at and talk to the hiding spot, then walk to the left. From your new cell, talk to the caveman, then follow back to the present as the caveman.

Pick up the apron. Walk right and pick up the roll of tape. Open the printer and take out the cartridges. Go to Justin’s desk and take the dictionary from the bin, which will also nab a letter. Read the dictionary to learn English – it’s that easy! Read the poem and use the tape on the pixels. Use the computer to create a new profile (btw, Dateandmate.com is a domain for sale, so if you’re an entrepreneur…)

Go back to the computer to the left of the virus-infected one. Play the game and do the following:

  • N
  • Fight troll
  • S

You should get two achievements.

Use your pixelated tape on the lift, then talk to it and go to the bottom floor and wait for your pursuer. Now, switch to Justin using the top left icon.


As Justin, take the can to the right of the cage, give it to the caveman, and then take his net. Use the net on the dino. Dammit! Now use it on the coms device, then talk to the agent to find out about his favourite show. Tell him he’s ruthless to learn his name is QP-42. Call the coms and report a fault and use the latter’s name. Call them back and send a message saying that the show is streaming. Take his hat, murderer. Click on the hat to reveal a pin that you should now use in your padlock to escape.

Look at the notebook near the coffee and see if you spot any names. Besides Ron Gilbert, you’ll see Arik Zurabian in there – creator of Dude, Where Is My Beer? Play that next if you haven’t already!

Next, pick up the mug and use it with the dripping water, then walk to the far right and look at the controls. Use your mobile with the controls to exit. To the left, pop your bubble gum in the dino’s nostril(!) Switch to Kloot.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack Review
Source Screen capture


Leave the office and check out the Con Store, then go into the fashion shop on the right and talk to the shop owner to get a list of things to become a douchebag. Take a USB stick on the right. Take the barber set on the left, plus the glasses on the side, then leave. Go to the street, attempt to collect the banana peel, and then walk off to the right in the alley.

Talk to Mike the bouncer, and try to hypnotise him about cavemen. When he asks if you’re the cook, why, of course, say yes and go inside. Talk to Drake, then take the remote control. Go on stage and take the mouthpiece and guitar pedal. Look at the pedal and use the batteries on the remote. Go to the left, grab the pint (use it with the printer cartridge), and then talk to Bea. Pick up the plate of food, take the cheese tray to the left, open the piano and use the scissors on it to get some wire. Also, grab the tablecloth, you douchebag, and then use the scissors to make a shirt.

Go back to Drake and use the ketchup on the blue glasses. Use the plate of food with the salt. Give the food to Drake. After trying to bail out Salty, check the bin for the Power-Up Scavenger achievement (possibly a couple of times?), then talk to Salty (it’s your fault). Leave the alley and meet Gigbag Daryl (surely based on the great, late guitarist? Isn’t that guitar a Washburn?). Talk to the Dude and use the wire you cut, then learn the chug. Walk left and go to the pawn shop.

Look at the videos and click on Van Halen to learn about tapping. Put the tape in the VCR and use the remote on the TV, look at the point and click references on the left to pay your respects, then talk to LeeBee. Afterwards, look at the demo tapes – particularly the blues tape. Go to Salty and use the tape in the boombox. Leave the area and walk to the right into the park. Snatch a flower, then let’s go back to Justin.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Pointing buddies
Pointing buddies. Source: Screen capture


Go into the tye dye cave and take the sea horn. Repeatedly interact with the snot bubbles off the sleeping cavie for an achievement, then exit. Head back towards the portal area and turn left and pick up the vines, then head off to the right to meet Asier and Nico. Pick up the small rock, then the second largest, then the largest, and head back to where you picked up the vines and lift the rocks. Open the hatch and go in. Press the button to the left for some light. Use your rock on the phaser to the ladder’s right, then talk to holographic Bob. Now press the button to the right of Bob and take the spacesuit. 

Leave and return to the village where you saw the tie dye cave, and this time head right. Pick up the sunflower by the toilet, then take the bellows. Go behind the bushes and meditate for ten minutes if you want the achievement. Feel free to read other articles on vulgarknight.com in the meantime… Now go and squinny on the cavemen and tell Miss Dino. Go back to the willow, take the broken ladder, and switch back to Kloot.


After the cutscene, head to the bar for the air guitar comp. **Edit** After a second playthrough, the music played is in a different order, so make sure to listen (if you aren’t a rock fan) and apply the following:

  • Chugging – scowl
  • Tapping – mouth wide open
  • Blues – mouth in the shape of an “O.”

You’re awarded the virtuoso achievement – well done, you. With your new guitar, go back to the pawn shop to get a bag full of monies…. err… shovel (make sure you pick it up). With the shovel, head to the park to where we saw the cutscene after Miss Dino scared off the cavies.

In the park, take the poop bags, then use the shovel on the soil. Give Orion the dog the bone, and pick up the diamond. Now return to LeeBee for your monies. Now, back to the fashion manager for your makeover. Congratulations, you’re a hipster douchebag. Back to Justin’s office to finish your profile on his computer.


Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Wabbit huntin
Wabbit huntin’ Source: Screen capture

Go to the playground, take the shovel, take the carrot and then interact with the bell for another achievement. Talk to the caveman on the right and give him the ladder wood. Ring the bell again and leave them to it… head outside and use the laser on the monument (for another achievement), then go back to the race and shoot your ancestor’s wheels and interact with the wheels for another achievement. Collect the coveted special twig from the hairy biker. Combine that with the vine, and the carrot with the net, then combine them all to get the wabbit trap. Now use that on the hatch where you meet Holographic Bob and say rub a hub hub to catch the wabbit. Down the hatch and use the wabbit on the wheel.

Act 2

Open the microwave and get the agent to insert their head. Tell them to drop some agent one-liners. After the cutscene, send the cheese tray to Justin, then, as Justin, interact with the unconscious agent to take their nametag. Then head to the left and step on the elevator pad. Take Bob’s bone. Go back inside, take the lift to the top, head left, take the cheese (and combining with the cheese tray), leave the room via the pole, and exit the building.

Take a left down the alley and take the disc, and then the crowbar. To the far left, pick up the junk to get a flamethrower. Back to the street, interact with the petrol cap, and then use the bellows to get fuel. Put the fuel in your new flamethrower. Now head right, go into the park and pick up the bamboo. Talk to Sven to find out about the outlawed flowers, then take the rubber gloves from the bin. Back to the street and then into the hospital to get the magazine, then send it to Kloot.

Ask to speak with a doctor and tell them about the hammer on the knee, then ask to speak to a psychotherapist about your commitment issues. Send Bob’s bone to Kloot along with the cheese tray and switch to him. Go to the park, give the bone to Orion, and then drop the cheese tray into the hole. Switch back to Justin and use the shovel on the soil in the park (next to Sven) to get the cheese tray. Interact with it to get the mouldy cheese, then head back to the lab mouse and use the cheese with the maze. Back to the elevator pad to reach Bob’s spaceship and use the mouse on the wheel. Switch to Kloot.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Flower flasher
Flower flasher. Source: Screen capture


Go to the bar and talk to the Dude to get an envelope on the way. Go inside and tell Julia about Justin. Switch to Justin, send the business card to Kloot to put in the envelope, and send the mouthpiece to Justin as well.


Go back to the main street (in the past) and enter the shack. Talk to the doctor to hear that the dodo doesn’t like loud noises… now leave. Pop into the daycare place and use the hairspray on the coal, the flamethrower, and the bellows. Teleport to the future (click on the wabbit), and go upstairs in the lab to where the terminal with security cams is. Interact with the terminal and select utilities, dronman.exe, check the drone for firmware and update it. While you’re there, look at the downloads in the film directory and watch the vids for some… exposition. Return to Sven in the park.

Ask about the chamomile, then swap it for the sunflower. Head back to the past and go to the shack. Grind the chamomile in the mortar, head next door, place it in the cooking pot, and use the mug. Go outside and use the crowbar on the shack window. Go inside, interact with the bowls, and then watch the cutscenes. Finally, insert the mouthpiece into the bear rug, then the seashell, then the bellows, then jump on the rug for an achievement (I missed this on the first playthrough). 

Go to the dodo and put your rock in the hole, return to the bear rug, fill it with air again, and jump on it so the dodo knocks itself out for another achievement. Return to the dodo, take its egg, and then go up the mountain. Walk right and use the guts from the bowls on the slingshots. Walk left and take the spanner. Return to the daycare and put the egg in the pot for however long you like (Salty likes it longer. Head to Bob’s spaceship and pick up the shard of glass using the gloves, then send both the egg and shard, plays chamomile tea to Kloot, plus the net.

Now let’s go back to Kloot.


Go to the bar, and after the spy cutscene, use the glass shard on the egg and hand it to Salty. Go to the Con Store and interact with the Crapo-sphere to get a toy soldier. Click on it to separate a helmet and send it to Justin. Use Salty’s can in the chute to the right. Give the receipt from the can to Lenny, then put the coin in the envelope. Pour the tea on the floor next to the sign and while the teen is mopping, steal the goldfish. Go outside and through the alley, put Sushi into the fountain, send the fishbowl to Justin, and then post the envelope.


Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Handy ATM
Handy ATM. Source: Screen capture

Use the wabbit to go back to the future, go outside to where the ATM is, and use the hand scanner to get the money. Unfortunately, you now need to send that back to Kloot. 


At the pawn shop, give LeeBee the monies, and you’ll now have a Hulk-a-maniac-like foam finger. Use the duct tape on the pet carrier and send that to Justin with the foam finger and empty the mug. Go to the park, look in the bin to get the note, and then go back to the fountain to meet Cutie. Then off to the pub to meet Julia. Back to the fountain and use the net on the postbox. Click the pet insurance post to get Julia’s address, then tell Cutie. Try the door, but it’s locked. Get Justin to send through the crowbar to break in. Tell Cutie about her posters, the music, and The Cure – Disintegration (a great album). Throw the crowbar in the fountain and switch to Justin.


Back to the past, go up the mountain, use the fishbowl with the spacesuit, and then use the slingshot tree. You’ll automatically use the foam finger for the space dust. Back to the daycare and use the empty mug for more tea, then into the shack and give everything to the doctor for the cat allergy cure. Shift to the future and go to the medical bay where you have since been called. Go inside his office, take the syringe, and then go back to the past. 


After the cutscene, shift to Kloot and give the barber the magazine. Use the scissors on the client, then take the can next to the barber and send it to Justin.


While in the past, go to the underground layer and use the cup with the coffee machine. Then back to the willow and drink the coffee in the place in the shade and use the bathroom. Take the sample back to the doctor in the future. As you already have the can from Kloot, go into the labs and use that on the InvertaTron to make cats bald. Hahahahaha! Quick: back to the past and use the new cream (combine the syringe with the anti-hair growth) on the sabretooth in the shack by combining it with the bamboo to create a blowpipe.

Act 3

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Beer o clock
Beer o’clock. Source: Screen capture


Pick up the yarn, the change jar, the plant food sticks from the plant, wine glass, knock the mug for a little secret… use the glass on the tap, pick up the USB adapter, then leave. Go to the bar and take the salt. Use the salt in the wine glass, then get Kloot to hand over the USB (talking to him unlocks the fast swap mechanic). Combine the USB and adapter and give them back to Kloot. Go to the Douchebag store, talk to Oliver, and then get the hair dye. Swap to Kloot and send the printer cartridge to Julia, then put in the hair dye. Go back to the fountain and throw all your coins in. 


Tell Julia about Cutie and go to the park to meet him. As Julia and exhaust the conversation.


Get the prune juice from the doctor, go to the willow and use it on the toilet for the constipated dino. Take the mirror and return to the doctor in the future (talk to the monitor before going in). Act as a robot and say that you’ve named your revenge Ruthless Unbound, then take the insect repellent. Go back to the past, use the flies, and then use the gloves on the sap. Back to the future and click on the pole. Head up the lift, then use the sticky gloves on the pole for the secret lab. Go left and investigate the Chrono-restrainer and talk to the assistant. Give them a special word (I said Gorramech). Leave the room and try accessing the controls. Go back to the assistant, use the spray on him as a truth serum, and ask about the password, Lorelai. Try the mirror on the laser, then switch to Kloot to send through along with the poo bags. Use them again on the lasers to get the acorn. 

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Lasers
“Lasers”. Source: Screen capture

Back to the past, go to the willow and use the poo bags on the toiler, then place that on the soil to the right. Plant the acorn, then switch to Julia to use the plant sticks. Back to Justin again and the future (get Kloot to send back the net) and use the net on the squirrel in the park. Follow Sam to the junk pile and enter the ventilation shaft. What’s the code? Send the repellent to Kloot and use it on Cutie in the park for THE TRUTH! Switch to Julia and grill him 4841 is the code. This is the tricky bit: it increases by one each year, but the factory has been closed for 27 years. So… 4841 – 27 = 4814, the code Justin needs in the year 8021. Aaarrrgghhhh!!!!

Jump back to the past, head to the dungeon where you were captured, use the mug on the dripping water, and use the bellows to suck it up. Go back to the machine in the future and lob a spanner in the funnel, plus throw in the helmet (as Sam will get squished!), and the bellows filled with water (or he’ll get burnt and the tea doesn’t work – yes, I tried all three of these…) then push the red button. Get Sam from the bin. After being captured, use the code word you used earlier. To no effect.


Send the flower to Julia and as Julia. Go to the bar and use the printer cartridge with the mustard. Return to her apartment and place the salty water in the blender and the flower. Pour it back into the wine glass, then that into the printer cartridge and send that to Kloot. Also, fill up the glass from the blender once more. Go to the Con Store as Kloot and talk to Lenny and the kid, then go back to Justin’s desk to complete your application. Add the printer cartridge, plus insert the USB into the virus-infected computer. Grab your application. Return to the bar and hand it to Bea to sign as a reference, then take it to the Con Store. Leave the store and switch to Julia. As Julia, go to the store and pour the liquid onto the floor. Because Kloot isn’t around, the kid will have to mop. Switch to Kloot and insert the USB stick into the USB slot.


Put the squirrel on the hamster wheel. Exit to the right. Pick up the crowbar, then click on the banana skin for a random trophy. Stand by the puddle. Switch to Julia and return to her apartment. Use the wine glass with the tap, then use the glass of water on the sink. Quickly switch to Justin and use the fishbowl on the water, then place sushi in it. Use the crowbar on the ribcage next to Salty, then talk to him. Return to the puddle, switch to Julia and do the same thing, but add salt to the water before pouring. As Justin, capture using the mug and give it to Salty. Try the crowbar once more, then take the tin.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Power Serge
Power Serge. Source: Screen capture


Go to the bar and sit with Serge. Talk with him, and when he orders drinks, swipe his poem. Talk to Reginald to enter the poem competition. Say:

  • I’m sticking to you.
  • Just in time.
  • Reach for my tea.
  • So I wrote it in braille.

With your winnings, see LeeBee and purchase the pet carrier. Return to your apartment and use the carrier on Oligarch. Take it down to the manhole and use it on the rat pack. Leave the area and pick up the earring to combine with the wool. Drop down the drain so Justin can attach the sardines. Give the sardines to Oligarch, then go back down the ladder and use the yarn on the drainage grid to reach Justin.

Use the sardine lid on the rope, switch to Justin and chuck the cheese in the ventilation hole. Next, put the mouse in to get the cheese. Switch to Julia and send the cat into the hole.

That’s it! If you’ve just diligently read this Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough without actually playing the game, why not read the review and perhaps even buy it on Steam? Bit of a weird order to do it in, but if you have the time travelling facilities…

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