Gone Viral
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Gone Viral is as if Smash TV and The Running Man did a Speedball and then released on Early Access in September.

That Speedball reference is a game reference so if you thought it was something else you’re out of luck. Besides, you know it will affect your parole. For everyone else, this title from Skullbot Games and Akupara Games is a rogue-lite hack n’ slash with physics-based kills.

With an over-emphasis on mayhem, Gone Viral promises to be chaotic and reading about it, then watching the teaser trailer has got me amped this wet Bank Holiday Monday.

Gone Viral - 3
3, is the magic number. Source: PR

With a glorification of violence intertwined with social media (ha, something unthinkable), Gone Viral is a brutal game show where the contestant has to fight for their right to party, a.k.a. live.

Compiling a delectable string of combos to satisfy your fans desire for bloodletting, you can upgrade your arsenal with mutations that further expand your claret spraying abilities. Yes, this game appears to be a bloody mess, but for the right reasons.

Core features include:

  • Killer Combos – Annihilate enemies by ricocheting them off walls, smashing them into each other, or shoving them into bone-crunching traps.
  • Kills = Fans – The flashier your combos and the more mayhem you unleash, the more likes and followers you’ll get!
  • Fans = Upgrades – Sate your fans’ parched throats with FOUNTAINS of blood and they’ll reward you with amazing upgrades!
  • Homicidium ad Infinitum – With endless combinations of mutations and attacks, each unique experience in the arena is as death-defying as the last so you can MURDER FOREVER.
  • Blood Stream – Real-life audiences can introduce another layer of interaction to the experience as they vote to help (or hinder) you in your killing sprees.

Bloody IGN get two mentions this morning already as the trailer has been promoted by them:

Out on the 24th of September in Early Access, you can wishlist Gone Viral now on Steam.

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