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Gooooooo Vacation! Ah, doesn’t have the same feel as gooooooo team but Go Vacation is a game where you go on vacation (or holiday) without the fear of Customs sticking their fingers up your bum. They do that, it’s true. A friend told me. Have a look at the official site.

Go Vacation - Otti McRae Falls aerial shot

The kids are a changin’

This was an impulse buy as I thought my eldest would like it. She didn’t really. Using her Mii in the game was fun, but she lost interest in the game and it was shelved. It wasn’t for me in the first place so it took up its role as a dust collector. Fast forward almost a year and she’s a little older, a little wiser and low and behold – it’s one of her top three games (Kirby Star Allies and Minecraft being the other two).

So what’s changed? Her. She has now found how to play the game and the ‘joys’ of the mini-games, inviting virtual friends and building her own villa. Numero uno is taking photos and cluttering up my SD card when I’m trying to capture my own shots for this site.

Instead of assuming her what she thinks about the game, she wanted to write something for herself. No doubt this will end up being the most popular page on the site as she’ll tell all her friends. Without further ado, here is my little girl’s first review.

Go Vacation - Coastal view from villa

The BlackWolf Go Vacation review

Go Vacation is a great game, where you can use your Mii or get your own character in the game. There are 4 different resorts such as:

  • Marine Resort
  • City Resort
  • Mountain Resort
  • Snow Resort

The more you play the more you get chances to go to new resorts! In the game you earn stamps from where you play activities, so you try to collect them all! When you have gotten really good Go Vacation gives you a villa at the Villa Grounds! The more stamps you earn, the more you can decorate your Villa! Furthermore, you can make friends, not online, and take pictures of animals to build up your photo book! Enjoy the game if you have it!!!


Go Vacation - Group Mii photo on mountains

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