Fledgling Heroes Flys To The Switch This May

Flapping its way on to this Switch this May is Fledgling Heroes - the debut title from indie team, Subtle Boom. 90+ levels and a level editor?!

Flappy Bird has come a long way. Take one look at Fledgling Heroes, and you can see that the side-scrolling flap ’em up has a lot more depth than its button-mashing predecessor.

Fledgling Heroes is the debut title from Subtle Boom and looks to be quite the outing for a first title. Taking control of a range of birds through a series of locations that include sunken temples and frozen forests, our heroes take on the dastardly pirate lizARRds.

Switch seemed like the natural place to bring Fledgling Heroes. Growing up with Nintendo consoles, it was always a dream to one day make a game for one. We’ve dedicated a lot of time and care making sure the game meets the expectations the Nintendo audience has enjoyed from high-quality family titles.

Brendan Watts, co-founder of Subtle Boom
Fledgling Heroes - Map
A map of Bird World. Source: PR

But the real highlight here is a level editor, using the same tools that the developers used in Fledgling Heroes. Quite a rarity on the Switch and often omitted from the platform – maybe due to performance issues or space? Regardless, it’s exciting to see this in action.

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Expect to see the following features:

  • 90+ hand-crafted levels – set in gorgeously unique and colourful environments.
  • 4 challenging game modes – conquer quest levels, speed through rings in race levels, flap the furthest in endless levels, and go head-to-head with bosses!
  • Level editor – featuring the same tools the devs used to create the game! Explore, create and share levels with other players around the world.
  • Couch co-op – it’s dangerous to go alone – play with a friend! Drop-in another player at any time for some cooperative assistance… or some competitive capers.
  • Customise your birds – use wacky colours, or recreate your favourite variations found in the wild.
  • Collectathon challenge – scavenge with the best of them and collect everything the game has scattered about the world. Dodge obstacles, beat timers, and glide with pin-point accuracy to collect rabbits, feathers, skins, and editor blueprints.
  • Kid-friendly – safe environment featuring bright characters and story-book like rhymes. Play with a sibling or parent to thwart the toughest adventures!
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Fledgling Heroes is out on the Switch globally from the 7th May 2020.