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Encodya cyberpunk point and click out this month
Source: Steam


Encodya, A Dystopian Cyberpunk Adventure Set In Neo-Berlin, Out This Month

One of my most-watched games at the moment, Encodya. Point and click, cyberpunk, the story… what more to ask?

I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted any news about Encodya, even though it’s quite possibly one of my most anticipated games right now, and it’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux.

It’s not just because this is a point and click adventure, or that it’s by Assemble Entertainment – both big bonuses, but the reason for the excitement is the story.

Playing as Tina, an orphan who befriends a robot(?) named SAM-53, you aim to ‘bring light and happiness back to the hellish cyberpunk landscape of 2062′, set in Neo-Berlin.

Encodya - Ramen
Ramen time. Source: Steam

Key features in Encodya include:

  • Entirely Original Soundtrack and Audio: Not only will players enjoy a unique, custom soundtrack, but everything from the character dialogue to the advertising jingles are self-produced audio tracks, not simply sound bites from an audio-library.
  • A Robust Script: To really bring the world of ENCODYA to life, more than 4,000 lines of dialogue provide an engaging and immersive cinematic experience.
  • This Puzzle Was Different Last Time…: Puzzle randomization adds replay value and a fresh challenge for players looking to enjoy multiple trips to Neo-Berlin.
  • A Full Cast of Characters: With 34 distinct NPCs, the dystopian world of Neo-Berlin is brought to life with a whole host of fully-realized individuals.

If you’re anything like me (God bless you, you beautiful person, you), then you’ll be just as excited as me. Need to see more? Here’s a featurette with a behind the scenes of Neo-Berlin:

Encodya will be available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and GOG from the 26th of January. It’s £21.99 for the standard edition and £31.99 for the ‘Save the World Edition’, both available via pre-order with a limited 20% discount. 

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