Disney Speedstorm Tips For New Starters And Addicted Racers

After many hours playing, I've decided to share some Disney Speedstorm tips with you. Just in case you're starting out, or might be missing sumink.

Disney Speedstorm. Addictive, ain’t it? Even though I’m not skipping meals, neglecting my duties, or thinking about unlocking more shards to level up Belle while flying a passenger plane, this Early Access from Gameloft is part of my morning and weekend routine.

Get up around 5 am, take the dog for a walk, prepare for the day, complete the daily challenges and grind some tour races to unlock everything. Alas, this past week has seen lots of bugs, and I couldn’t log in for two or three days. What to do? Write a Disney Speedstorm tips post. What else?

Let’s get to it: all opinion-based, but as of the time of writing, I’ve unlocked all available characters (22), completed all the challenges thus far, and still slogging it out. I might know a few things worth sharing. Here goes.

Disney Speedstorm Early Access
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Disney Speedstorm Tips

  • Log in every day.
    • Claim the free item in the shop.
    • Complete daily challenges such as the coin rush.
    • Complete the daily XP challenges.
  • Aim to level up at least one character from each group, i.e. Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Mikey & Friends.
  • Look ahead at the requirements in the tour and make sure to level up specific characters – even if you don’t like them (Mulan, for example).
  • Keep an eye on your crew and boost weak stats. Bruisers like Beast and Sulley will benefit from both acceleration and handling.
  • Spend your money on the Universal Box, not customisations (they’re cosmetic only, and there’s only so much dosh available).
  • The Multiplayer rewards tend to have the best custom options, but they are random, and you only get one per 300 credits.
  • If you don’t already have it, get the Golden Pass to unlock all the extra goodies as you collect XP.
  • At the main menu, check the weekly XP goals, as these can be achieved while completing other races as a bonus.
  • Don’t forget to pull back on some skills to fire backwards at those in pursuit.
  • Charged attacks aren’t always the best – check the driver info for explanations of what they do.
  • Keep an eye out for racer shards, as you can’t level up if you don’t have the required stars.
  • If you can’t find the shards or upgrades you require, look on the player menu, and it will tell you where to find them, i.e. they’re unlocked via the Golden Pass, found in a Universal Box, or acquired at a certain multiplayer rank.

Disney Speedstorm Classes

Surely you know what these all do, but just in case…

  • Brawler – these predominantly have offensive power-ups such as mines and fire. They’re also proficient in combat, and you can bash into other racers to spin them out by tapping the right analogue stick to the left or right.
  • Defender – the opposite of the Brawler as they have more defensive options such as invisibility/invulnerability and frequent shields.
  • Speedster – the nippiest of them all and have lots of boosts and superb handling at the sacrifice of weak combat. They get spun out. A lot.
  • Trickster – my least favourite. They’ll usually use skills that spin players out or slow them down. More of a slow burner and suited to skilled players.

Who are the best Disney Speedstorm characters? That’s subjective – we all have our favourites, but here are my favourites and why.

  • SpeedsterMike Wazowski. Load up ranked multiplayer or participate in the timed Limited Events, and you’ll see most use him. He’s super quick, and his special summons a door that teleports him ahead, giving massive advantages. On the downside, he gets knocked around a lot, and the probability of getting offensive weapons is low.
  • BrawlerSulley. Like Bowser, he’s super slow in acceleration but has a great top speed, boost potential and can knock players aside. Unlock the Boo crew card, and you can start with a charged flame that will take out most of the starting grid.
  • BrawlerJessie. At the moment, Jessie is overpowered, in my opinion, and kind of spoils ranked multiplayer as people spam her specials. These specials summon building blocks and oversized balls (heh) in front of her or behind, causing players to spin out. So far, the chances of getting a special are super high, so it can ruin the flow of driving. On a positive note, this works great in solo races. Plus, you can knock others out of the way because she’s a brawler. Besides Hercules, she’s probably the fastest in the class.
  • TricksterMulan. I’ve reluctantly levelled up Mulan as it was essential for the Monsters Inc. tour as there were a lot of the chase levels with the drones, and she kept getting wiped out. Unlike other tricksters, her special fires a cannon in front and behind her, which is good for crowd control, plus she’s pretty fast as well.
  • Defender: Baloo and Buzz. Baloo was the first character I unlocked, and though he’s got poor acceleration, his boost and top speed are great once in full swing. His special fires fruit behind, taking out all adversaries, plus giving an invincibility window, and his charged skill launches fruit ahead of him as boosts (note that others can collect these, too). Buzz has a lot of potential during the current tour, as there are many upgrades to unlock. He’s a little sketchy, but try him out in Regulated Multiplayer to see his potential. For beginners, I recommend Goofy as his special gives him invincibility, plus he can take out other players.
Disney Speedstorm Early Access PS5
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Disney Speedstorm Multiplayer Tips

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I don’t like online play, but it’s essential in Disney Speedstorm if you want to improve. I put off the Regulated Multiplayer (everyone races at level 30) as I didn’t see the point, but I realised that these are time-limited. You can unlock some racer shards and the associated upgrades for that racer.

Ranked Multiplayer is a different kettle of fish. There are two main reasons to stick this out. 1) you get Multiplayer tokens that unlock some special gear. 2) you can unlock racer shards and elusive items for a specific racer. As a bonus, the more racers you level up, the more you’re awarded some bonuses by the end of the tour.

Each rank (MPR) has a set number of points to unlock before you can go up a rank. Don’t be fooled by the MPR; everyone starts at 0, and if you’re solely playing solo and unlocked a character at 30, they’re clearly going to beat other players if they’re something like level 10. It’s not always balanced, but persevere.

Stick with it, and you’ll be able to upgrade.

The key tip with Disney Speedstorm is repeat visits and keep chipping away. There’s no shortcut to unlocks, no way to pay for more stuff, but it’s very doable with patience. As mentioned, I’ve unlocked all the characters and have most levelled at 20 and above, with my highest at 35. And, as stated, I think that’s more to do with addiction than skill. I think I’m on about 60+ hours of game time. Bear in mind most races are a few minutes.  

Do you have any Disney Speedstorm tips you want to share? Hit me up via the contact form.

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