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Dark Room Walkthrough

A very first attempt at a walkthrough, this one being a Dark Room walkthrough – the indie puzzler now on Steam and!

Dark Room Walkthrough

Aha! My first walkthrough, this being a Dark Room walkthrough – the indie title from Lexip Games currently available through Steam and If you haven’t played it yet, why are you reading a walkthrough?

Here’s the Dark Room review instead.

I’ve been meaning to write a walkthrough or two on the site to cater for fellow point and click adventurers and didn’t think the first one would be for a puzzle game.

However, Dark Room caused me so much grief, that I felt I would cover a walkthrough for the first level Purgatory, with some side notes for The Green Stone difficulty as there’s only a couple of changes in the approach.

I haven’t finished the Top Secret level yet as needed a break from it, but when I eventually do it, will update this walkthrough accordingly.

Remember, this is my first attempt. Be nice.

Dark Room Walkthrough

Dark Room - Basement
Puzzle to the left, key in the pocket, window to the right.

From the opening scene in the basement, look on the left wall of graffiti and make a note of the letters. Click on the coat in front of you to collect the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to open the panel to your right and take the key to unlock the door in front of you.

If you’re planning on working out the infuriating suitcase puzzle, make a note of the page in the book to the left of the screen in the basement.

Dark Room - Hall
First room on the left is for computer code, second to the dark room, on the right is the basement.

Click on the table to your right and take the battery from the drawer and before heading halfway upstairs, look at the opposite wall which advises to reverse whatever is associated with the image. Take the key found on the smallest of the painting on the stairs.

Head back one step and move to the left of the stairway on the ground floor, using the key on the door, second on your left.

Click the top shelf and take the napkin, then the key on the fireplace. Return back to the first room on the left at the bottom of the stairs and enter. You should see a painting of some chap and his animals.

Dark Room Under stairs

Open the drawer with the key, take the flashlight and combine it with the… battery to make a torch! Head back to the door with the fireplace, but before going in, use the flashlight on the dark area to reveal a small key.

Now you can go the room with the fireplace.

Use the key on the box on the left of the screen that is mounted on the wall, then use the screwdriver to dislodge it. Match up the coloured wires without them crossing to it basically looks like this (it’s easy):

Dark Room - Electrics
Match the colours, but don’t cross the streams!

The landing lights are now on, so head upstairs

The First Floor

Dark Room - Landing combo
Click on the box to enter the code.

Head all the way to the back wall and click on the box with the combination lock. The code can be found in one of the notes you pick up from August 1995, but you can enter the number below if you prefer:

[spoiler title=”Combination code”]6352 (it’s the same for The Green Stone mode)[/spoiler]

Head back downstairs to the room with the fireplace, using this new key to take another key from the small box located on the floor to the left of the trapdoor.

Take the key, head back to the landing and take the door on the left with the key you just stole. Thief.

Dark Room - Computer
Paintings above the computer show the code out of order.

Look at the images above the computer screen and their respective numbers: 1, 3, 5 and 7.

To the right of the screen is a crowbar on top of a suitcase. Take it! Head back to the fireplace room once more and use the crowbar on the trapdoor.

Watch the sequence, then make a note of the photo of the creepy kids on the locker on your right. Then, to the left of the locker, click where there’s a canister and take the smaller barrel of thinners. Combine it with the napkin in your inventory.

Back to the room with the painting of the fella and the animals (the first door on the left in the hall) and use the thinners combo on the painting. What a waste of good art…

Dark Room - Thinners
Wipe away the painting with the thinners combo.

Now, you can make a note of where the X’s are and combine that with the placement of the pictures in the room with the computer. The numbers are correct but to get them in the right order, they need to line up with the defaced painting.

Head upstairs once again and into the room on the left with the computer.

I struggled with this one, so just fiddled with the order of numbers and it worked (note that you have to follow the step above of revealing what is behind the painting as the computer won’t accept the code otherwise).

Enter the code on the computer:

[spoiler title=”Code for Purgatory mode”]3517[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Code for The Green Stone mode”]2916[/spoiler]

Next up, the puzzle. I find these things enjoyable but don’t have a real method so probably end up creating more moves than necessary. The end product should resemble the photo from the locker room under the trapdoor.

Dark Room - Creepy
The code on the right should show F, 7, 5.

The Dark Room

With the dark room open, head back there now (down the trapdoor and to the back of the room.

There’s a bed on the far right wall. Click it and obtain another key. Take that and… head back up to the landing once more, opening the door to the right.

Dark Room - Suitcase
Remote is on the cabinets, puzzle on the chest of drawers and the bloody suitcase under the bed.

Watch the story bit, then click on the bed and make a note of the suitcase.

On the top of the wardrobe is a remote control for a TV. Take it.

Heading back to the dark room again, go into the first room on the right and use the remote control on the TV to get the word ‘HELP‘. Again, you have to use the remote on the TV before you can input the code.

Dark Room - Enter the light
Enter the light. Source: Screenshot capture

Now this is a tricky bit. The solution is based on the pattern of the book found in the basement, noting the first letter of each colour, replacing the fourth letter with the ‘H’ from help.

Enter this code into the suitcase:

[spoiler title=”Suitcase code for Purgatory mode”]GBYH[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Suitcase code for The Green Stone mode”]GBYS[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Reasoning behind the code”]You need to look at the Dark room lights making a note of the colour. In the book found in the basement, there’s a a ‘Z’ shown. This is the direction you should go, starting with Green – Blue – Yellow, but instead of inputing ‘R’ for Red, you replace it with H – the first letter from the TV. In The Green Stone mode it’s the same, only instead of GBYH it’s GBYS – the ‘S’ is the first letter of ‘Scare’ shown on the TV screen. Makes sense. Right? Nope. But there you have it.[/spoiler]

Take the binoculars and then click on the block puzzle on the chest of drawers in the same room.

Another easy puzzle that should look like this:

Dark Room - ID puzzle
It’s relatively easy – don’t expect a walkthrough here.

Grab the ID card.

Before heading to the basement once more, go into the opposite room with the computer and take the camera lens that for some unknown reason has appeared on the window sill above where you found the crowbar.

Combine the lens and the binoculars and look through the window to the right in the basement.

Dark Room - Night vision
Make a note and be prepared to swap the letters around.

Make a note of the three letters on the wall PWH (PWZ for The Green Stone) and also the first two letters under the gas mask graffiti that you saw in the beginning of the game, NC, remembering the note in the hall that says to reverse the letters.

Back to the dark room and head to the end card panel. Swipe it with the card found from the suitcase room and enter the first letters from the basement wall, followed by the three you saw using the binoculars in reverse.

[spoiler title=”Purgatory mode”]NCBMH (PWH upside-down.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”The Green Stone mode”]NCPWZ[/spoiler]

Once in the room, just head up to the door. Listen for the thumps, play the bizarre keyboard game of collecting the orbs to teleport and watch the ending.

The Green Stone

For The Green Stone story, pick up the rake, head back to the landing and just above where you see the mounted stag, use the rake on the attic door to find another combo box.

Dark Room - Loft
Location of The Green Stone.

It asks for the name of the artist who did the paintings on the second floor. Of course, you already know this, but both paintings are by Edvard Munch. On the computer, you can look up a secret folder from the main screen.

His entry 3101013 is. Go back into the attic and enter the code in the box to get the green stone and head back to the dark room once more to the back room where you found the rake and simply follow the last steps from the Purgatory mode.

[spoiler title=”Code for the Green Stone box”]3101[/spoiler]

I hope this helped.

If you decide to push for the Top Secret mode and can solve the puzzle: 6352 – August = ?! let me know I’ve two achievements away from finishing Dark Room, but pulled the plug on a third playthrough. [Update: Thanks to Zoe for emailing me, the answer for the code is 4357. I’ll have to reinstall and try this out – woo-hoo!].

Either DM me on Twitter or in the contact form found in the menu and I’ll mention when I redo the walkthrough.


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