The Eternal Castle Remastered – A Slice Of CGA For The Modern Age

A 1987 retro title has been revived and will be available this month on PS4/5 - The Eternal Castle Remastered. It looks wonderful.

The Eternal Castle Remastered looks like an animated sequence straight out of Heavy Metal. Wow. How can we get hold of this fantastic looking title? It’s out this month on PS4/5.

A remake of Eternal Castle, a game from 1987, the mechanics have been modernised, there’s sophisticated sound design and features 2-bit CGA graphics. Perhaps you know everything, but this is the colour palette that graced the PCs before VGA.

The Eternal Castle Remastered - Sci-fi extravaganza
Sci-fi extravaganza. Source: PR

From Hard Copy Games, directed by Leonard Menchiari and developed by TFL Studios, this sci-fi extravaganza has been compared to Another WorldFlashback and Prince of Persia.

Features in The Eternal Castle Remastered include:

  • Enjoy the atmosphere, strategise, or speedrun through a post-AI fallout packed with challenges
  • Go through the adventure alone or with a friend in local co-op mode 
  • Play over 20 levels across 5 unique worlds
  • Boss fights at the end of each world, plus 2 final Bosses
  • Use up to 10 different weapons found in different worlds
  • Unlock up to 10 different items to gain different abilities
  • Find 30 missing fragments to get back home
  • Repeat the dream for as many times as you can before officially dying
  • Unlock extra episode “Lost Tales” and learn of a brave sacrifice.
  • Unlock secret PvP Versus Mode in Dojo and Death Arena

Watch the trailer below with the sound on:

The Eternal Castle Remastered will be available on PlayStation 4/5 from the 24th of June, priced at 14.99 USD/EUR, with a physical edition in late 2021.