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Pyramid Head From Silent Hill Joins Dead By Daylight

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill makes an appearance in the latest Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
Source: Steam

Seeing Pyramid Head from Silent Hill trending had me rubbing my grubby mitts while questioning whether a real-life counterpart had emerged during the lockdown.

Thankfully, it’s the loveable rogue from the Silent Hill franchise, joining the roster in Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill.

There’s a new map too.

What Is Pyramid Head?

The fact that you’re reading this bit either means you’re humouring me to see what terms I will use to describe the walking deltoid or you’re expecting to learn about some ancient Egyptian cosplay build you can follow at home.

It’s the first one.

His first appearance was in the Greatest Horror Title Ever Made, Silent Hill 2.

Now, you can Google that, and while there won’t be any official order to verify this, Silent Hill 2 will feature in many top lists as well as old Pyramid Head himself nominated as having the best dialogue since Nemesis in Resident Evil 3.

The Greatest Horror Title Ever Made is my claim as Silent Hill 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. 

Homecoming Queen
Homecoming Queen. Source: Steam

Anyhoo, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill is an enigmatic knucklehead who drags a ridiculously sized sword along the floor like some rebelling teenager who refuses to pick up their feet when they walk.

The size of his sword/knife also makes Cloud Strike entirely impotent and irrelevant.

You could argue that Pyramid Head is a manifestation of James Sutherland’s mind (the protagonist from Silent Hill 2), but as it’s a medium out in the ether, interpret it how you like.

One way of looking at him is he’s a dealer of justice and with his butcher overalls, would probably get on with Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Also available as a playable character in Dead by Daylight.

They’d probably go to the Chelsea Flower Show, one would surmise.

Mixing Up Franchises

No hero is without an adversary – it’s the Hero’s Journey.

  • Luke Skywalker Vs Darth Vader
  • He-Man Vs Skeletor
  • Goku Vs Frieza
  • Holmes Vs Moriarty
  • Eagle Vs Shark

But creatives get a little tired of this, so they do mash-ups with the likes of Tekken Vs Streetfighter or introducing The Terminator or Robocop to the Mortal Kombat series.

You know what? It works. But not always.

Go ahead and prove me wrong, but outside of effing up the character of Pyramid Head by bringing him into other Silent Hill titles or the films (a sore point), I don’t think he’s made a crossover to other franchises.

Until now.

Dead By Daylight has new DLC that introduces Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, plus Heather – that bird from Silent Hill 3.

I enjoyed the third title, but Silent Hill 2’s my thang.

James Sutherland, foggy
I can’t remember – my head is foggy. Source: PR

Horror films don’t usually bother me, but games do.

That uncertainty where jump scares are key makes me line my pants with a warm brown paste.

Introducing Pyramid Head is freaky as you like and I’d rather encounter Jason Voorhees than this servant of Valtiel.

The Truffle Shuffle

My only real criticism is the speed in which he moves.

In Silent Hill 2, you could hear the screech of his sword scraping the floor like the squeals of a pig in heat.

As he got closer, you knew you could dodge him, but dashing down the corridor only to find a (metaphorical) dead end, you’d have to retrace your steps and take a bit of the ol’ knife to the face.

I get that Dead By Daylight is a different game altogether, though with similar themes, but having Pyramid Head running around like he’s just downed a bag of popping candy laced with speed dilutes his presence.

Still, walking down a corridor to be greeted by this tank-like behemoth would cause anyone to reassess their cardiovascular activities.

The closest thing I recall like this, not being the bravest of players when it comes to horror games, was The Evil Within when being chased down by a similar character who no doubt has a background in sales.

Pyramid Head in Silent Hill
A pyramid from almost three sides. Source: Steam

When it comes tourist hotspots, the new map recreates the first Silent Hill world more than any of its sequels.

As Creative Director, Dave Richard told IGN:

We also packed it with secrets and winks to the series. So players will be able to discover all these little elements of puzzles, surprise, little jump scares that were in the original Silent Hill.

Dave Richard, Behaviour Interactive

The first Silent Hill was a class act, and I remember first playing it on the PlayStation, vowing to avoid any room full of lockers and chequered flooring unless I 100% had enough batteries for my torch.

Though I seldom cover triple-A titles in the news section as you’ll read it elsewhere like I did, as a Silent Hill fanboy, I felt compelled to put my scent onto this piece.


A lengthy news piece as I was going to let it evolve into a rare feature piece, but couldn’t be arsed in the end.

Check out the Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill trailer below:

Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch(!) and PC on the 16th June (bear in mind that this is DLC, so you’ll need the full title to play it, homes).

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