Marked For Death, Fight As The Legendary Ronin In Musashi Vs Cthulhu

The great sword saint lives (well, tries to) in action game Musashi vs Cthulhu - coming to PC and consoles this month.

Two of my favourite combos since cheese and ham, tango and cash, and ‘send nudes’ (made that one up – honest), Musashi Vs Cthulhu features the great sword saint and our overlord in QUByte Interactive’s action game.

Developed by Cyber Rhino Studio, much like Berserk, our ronin hero has been marked for death and, attracting all sorts of unwanted attention and, has to fight for his life. 

In Musashi Vs Cthulhu, enemies attack from both sides of the screen and won’t stop until the last living thing stands. Time your blows and target weak spots, and challenge your friends (not Sasaki Kojiro – that guy’s a dick), to see who can get the best score.

Key features include:

  • Frenetic gameplay that will require both your attention and reflexes
  • 6 different enemies to know and master
  • Challenge your friends in weekly, monthly and all-time Leaderboards

Here’s the trailer:

Musashi Vs Cthulhu will be released on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch from the 16th May 2024.