World Domination And Sexy Viruses In Femdemic

Invasion of the Body Snatchers using one's body. Transform from man to woman and take over the world in clicker, Femdemic.

Femdemic is dangerously addictive. It’s not a game I was familiar with, nor, if we’re being truthful, something that appealed to me in the slightest other than the NSFW content. The artwork in the screenshots? Nope. Not for me.

However, a review code very rudely invaded my inbox, and rather than batting it away with disregard, I thought I’d give it a go. Christ, what did I get myself into? From the outset, the two game modes immediately had me regretting my good intent. 

The game has two versions: Liberation Mode – a ‘light-hearted and less-sexualised experience’, or the Compliance Mode – which transforms men into sexual women and gains world domination through intercourse. Phwoar! A sexy can of worms! If only they could learn how to spell – there are so many speling mistaiks.

Femdemic Review - C and C
C & C. Source: Screen capture

Femdemic Review (PC)

This world domination, in short, is completed by infecting non-immune males and reshaping their DNA structure. Skipping ahead with the plot, as you physically and emotionally change them to something that could arguably be defined as female, you ‘woo’ other males, engage in the ol’ sexy times, and spread a virus. Wait… are these… STDs?!

I’m not going to go down the route of gender or how irresponsible spreading STDs will be. Instead, let’s cater to the gamer: will I see boobs? Yes. You’ll see boobs, vag, drooling cross-eyed faces, and two banging animations (how the virus transmits). You know when your… experiment works as a bonus item in the form of a cup of… let’s call it ‘pale ale’ show up after you’ve ingested it.

Yep, Femdemic is pretty disgusting on so many levels. I was so done with the plot from the first few minutes. There is an attempt to have some weight to it as you have to infect the cells of your host and alter their physical appearance and psychological make up. How does one do that? Clicking!

Femdemic Review - Changing
Changin’ Source: Screen capture

Clickity-Click, Look – No Dick!

Femdemic is an idle clicker, but that’s more bollocks than the host you’re deconstructing, as you’ll be bashing away (on the mouse, hopefully) constantly. Like practically every other clicker, you keep clicking one item, raise its stat, then rinse and repeat – all the while, there will be news notifications about how your kind have been spotted, the vaccines against them, and whatnot.

Your test subject will look like a hipster version of Mitchell from Modern Family, and steadily you’ll readjust their appearance (making them more appealing to other men…) by changing their face, hair, chest, genitals and height. Mind control-wise, you’ll frequently update their libido, immune system, exhibition status, and identity. 

The physical changes are precisely that: you’ll go from unmanly man to farcical woman with juggernaut anime boobs and inappropriate massive schlong. The libido and identity will influence your chance to lure a man, and when you do so, you’ll either blow them or get knocked up, thus spreading the virus. Exhibition unlocks random, slutty clothing, and the immune system ensures you don’t eff it all up and change too quickly. Otherwise, you’ll be starting again.

Femdemic Review - Aroused
Aroused? Source: Screen capture

Swollen Nipples

Get used to restarting. Once you’ve levelled up enough, you reset your modifications. Why? You get bonus modifications, level up faster, and occupy another host. This is where Femdemic gets you. The characters could be big-titted bimbos or even a spoon wearing a tuxedo – I couldn’t care less, as the core mechanic of seeing marginal gains is the addictive element, not disproportionate jugs.

Femdemic went from being a regret to a colossal regret. My first regret was why I installed it as the concept was… vulgar, and the presentation was shoddy and looked like something a teen without a budget would seek if their internet connection were compromised. But that real issue was the time I spent with it. Why?

I was addicted so quickly that I got behind on actual work, wasted a lot of my weekend and had nothing to show for it. With just a few more clicks and another level up, let’s see what’ll happen… That’s fatal. I did the same with Great Hero’s Beard, but the artwork and variety made it worthwhile. With Rel.Pink’s game, it felt pointless once I objectively looked at the concept and my role as a player: frantically pressing a button to level up. That’s it stripped down. Similar to your hosts.


Is this addiction level down to Femdemic being a well-made game? I’m going to say no, and instead, it’s the mechanics of a clicker. Avoid this if you have a habit of getting roped into these sorts of things. It’s not terrible, but the amount of time it’ll eat up for minimal rewards just isn’t worth it. Unless your internet has been compromised and you lack an imagination.