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Die By The Blade Honours The Bushido Code

Coming to Kickstarter next month, Die By The Blade is a one-hit kill combat game inspired by classic samurai titles.

The gaming life is good when developers acknowledge games such as Bushido Blade as an influence for their game – a title I played to death in the days of the original PlayStation, its sequel and Kengo.

Launching as a Kickstarter campaign, which surely should hit its mark and then some, Die By The Blade looks to be the one-on-one fighter we need, much the like a similar upcoming title, Hellish Quart.

Die By The Sword - Duet
A poetic duet. Source: PR

It’s not just the classic Bushido Blade, but developers Triple Hill Interactive and publishers Grindstone mark Way of the SamuraiDark Souls and Ghost of Tsushima as influences.

In the coming weeks, the developers will be releasing vlogs on the progress, and further reason to invest in this exciting title. Unlike similar one on one combat titles, Die By The Blade will rely entirely on a one-hit strategy.

Instead of button mashing, players will calculate their moves to precision, if they are to master the single-player campaign and multiplayer matches that will be on offer.

The following is a teaser trailer, but make sure you follow the Kickstarter page for updates:

Die By The Blade is coming to Steam in 2021, as well as PlayStation and Xbox. Whether that’s current, next-gen or both will be clarified soon. In the meantime, wishlist the game on Steam here.

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