You Don’t Need Brains In Zombiewood: Survival Shooter, Just An Eye For The Right Shot

It's the zombie apocalypse - the Hollywood zombie apocalypse, that is! Call a friend and get the shoot you need in Zombiewood: Survival Shooter for the Switch.

Gameloft has taken a quick detour from Disney Speedstorm and announced that twin-stick shooter Zombiewood: Survival Shooter will be coming to the Nintendo Switch next week.

Featuring remastered graphics, a reworked combat system, and a two-player co-op mode, the apocalypse has never sounded so bright. That’s not to say it won’t be a cakewalk, as you still have to get the right shots for your director. Wait – what?

In Zombiewood: Survival Shooter, you play a stuntman in a Hollywood-inspired environment, and your director wants you to make the most of the zombie invasion by getting some visceral action sequences over the 18 story-based levels, with other 60 chapters. Count ’em!

Zombiewood: Survival Shooter launches on the 28th of March 2024 for the Nintendo Switch.