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Ziggurat Interactive Launches Retro Titles On Steam

Ziggurat Interactive has announced four new retro titles for the PC via Steam, out now and for a limited period have a whopping 33% discount applied.

Microprose, Ocean, and Accolade were familiar names when I started getting serious about gaming. After the Spectrum, I jumped to the Amiga 500, and these were the brands you’d see on the shelves back in the day. 

On Friday, games publisher Ziggurat Interactive released four new retro games on Steam that include:

  • The Legacy: Realm of Terror
  • Sea Legends
  • Psi 5 Trading Company
  • XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

Just hovering over some of the screenshots is a flashback to the Golden Age of 16-bit gaming and gives me goosebumps when I recall saving up pocket money to buy just one of these titles, then waiting another month to save for the next – unlike today where we all have backlogs and spoilt for choice.

For a limited time, these games are available with a 33% discount until the 9th of October, so if you want to relive your childhood or bond with your parents more and find out what they used to play, head over to Ziggurat’s Steam page for updates.

Rather than regurgitate the synopsis for each game, below is a cut and paste description of each, with a link to the game on Steam.

The Legacy: Realm of Terror

The perfect game to kick off the Halloween season, The Legacy is a haunting first-person adventure/RPG that brings the “horror” to survival-horror. You’ve just inherited an ancient family home…filled with sinister stories and demonic denizens. You’ll need to keep your wits about you, to fend off the fiends who want nothing less than your very soul.

The Legacy Realm of Terror
The Legacy Realm of Terror. Source: PR

The Legacy: Realm of Terror Steam link

Sea Legends

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, it’s the seafaring life for you! In Sea Legends, you’ll captain a ship and set sail for adventure, strategy, and swashbuckling danger. Sword fighting, puzzles, and ship-to-ship combat await, cap’n, so hoist the mainsail and prepare for fun.

Sea Legends
Sea Legends. Source: PR

Sea Legends Steam link

Psi 5 Trading Company

The life of a space freighter captain is never easy as you gather a crew, assign them jobs, and manage getting your cargo safely to its destination. PSI 5 Trading Company is one of Accolade™’s first hit games and will put your wits and planning to the test in a unique management sim experience.

Psi 5 Trading Company
Psi 5 Trading Company. Source: PR

Psi 5 Trading Company Steam link

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

Aliens have decimated the Earth, and it’s up to you to pilot humanity’s most powerful weapon, the Mantis space fighter. Put your high-speed maneuvering and combat skills to the test as you dive into a deep and immersive story coupled with white-knuckle space combat.

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter
XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter Source: Steam

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter Steam link

Remember that the Ziggurat 33% discount is limited and will end on the 9th of October, so if these bring back memories, you know what to do…

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