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You’re Toxicant, I’m Slippin’ Under

An upcoming survival horror, Toxicant, will be heading to Steam Early Access this week, with some gameplay runs on Twitch.

Despite having the courage of an elephant at a mouse convention (don’t overthink it, it’s been a long day, and I can’t be original), because of all the cruel developers making horror titles, I’m ‘forced’ to peer from behind the pillow to watch the trailers.

The horror title here is Toxicant. Coincidently, the pet name my wife has for me. Well, that’s what it sounds like when she shouts at me when I’m in the wrong (it’s not true, she’s lovely).

Anyway, let’s get back on track. 

Toxicant - Eyes
Only have eyes for you. Source: Cosmocat Games

A Steam Early Access release, Toxicant is a rogue-lite horror game from Cosmocat Games that puts a spin on the genre, featuring randomised levels.

Some of the features include:

  • Traverse a series of increasingly difficult randomized levels, upgrading your stats and gear along the way
  • Use items like compasses, maps, beacons, and the MonPro 2000 to aid you in navigating the depths of the mines
  • Collect miner’s notes and secret documents to learn the story of a conspiracy gone horribly wrong
  • Sample an assortment of nourishment and libations in your quest to survive: expired canned food, toxic mushrooms, rancid wine, and more!
  • Salvage old mining equipment and use it as a weapon, or a shield (Can’t find any? How about a board with a nail in it!)

A lot of these type of games often allude to the enemy, but in the following trailer, you get to see the assailant – a creepy looking Sam Fisher:

Note that Toxicant is in Early Access from the 24th of July. Adam from Cosmocat Games will be playing through the game on Twitch and also has copies of the game up for grabs. Find out more on the Facebook page.

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