You Can Quote Me On That

A classic post associated with procrastinating: instead of working, I wrote this about quotes. Don't ask why.

If I wanted to post articles using my actual name (Alan Smithee) and post a mugshot giving a virtual high-five, I’d have done it by now. Attention is nice, but I don’t want much. This site is more of a personal thing.

However, it is nice when developers, publishers, or ultimately – gamers quote something I’ve said. Maybe I changed their lives with a recommendation – perhaps even saved one? # Or maybe something I wrote tickled them, and a bit of wee came out.

When a game receives a lot of praise (Hades, for example), the publishers often make an accolades trailer that promotes the game with all manners of quotes. I’ve featured on quite a few, and it never gets old – it’s so massively uplifting to see lil’ ol’ me with the big fish.

But(t)… at the time of writing (16:55), I don’t give review scores. Developers and publishers like that – maybe even gamers do, as it offers a scale, albeit subjective, whether this is the game for you. As a result, I see my pseudonym less these days, so I have decided to add some obscure quotes to see if one may stand out.

If one of these quotes appears in a genuine accolades trailer, i.e., posted by the publisher, I’m going to… ah. I don’t know. Besides being thrilled to see it being used, I’d like to set a goal. What do I do?

  • eat my hat?
  • donate money to a charity ##
  • change my name to Sandra
  • identify as a pineapple
  • something completely different?

I don’t expect any responses as I’m not promoting this. This post is actually for my benefit, but if someone manages to find and make a suggestion (within reason), I’ll consider it.

That’s all.

# You may have scrolled down after reading that comment. I have saved no lives. Other than the night before last. I think they said they were a DJ. Or did they save mine?

## I don’t have any money, so perhaps I’ll draw them a picture?

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