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Yakuza Empire - Nicely executed

Yakuza Empire Teaches Some Organisation Techniques

Yakuza Empire is a management game coming to Steam that allows you to build your HQ and take to the streets with turn-based combat.

The yakuza are apparently family and consist of many clans. Why can’t another title exist when there’s a certain Dragon of Dojima? Exactly. So, here’s a new strategy/management game to manage your chinpira.

Yakuza Empire is an upcoming game for Steam that focuses on the rise to honour for a clan whose leader is brutally murdered. To avenge him, you must train an elite army of foot soldiers with the right skills to come out on top.

Yakuza Empire - Nicely executed
Take to the streets. Source: PR

Build your HQ with the right resources without becoming indebted to the wrong parties, and expand at every opportunity. Then, take your crew to the streets for turn-based combat and dominance over your rival’s territories.

Much like the Yakuza series, Yakuza Empire apparently features some ‘let your hair down’ moments too, with a teaser of playing at one of the arcades. Thankfully, no disco-gyrating or karaoke.

I’ve been a fan of the yakuza ‘genre’ since the days of Seijun Suzuki to Takashi Miike when he was doing straight-to-video gangster tales, and this game from Rock Game really looks the business.


No release date for Yazuka Empire just yet, but you know what to do when it comes to the wishlist.

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