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XIII Remaster Proves It’s Not An Unlucky Number

Remember XIII? Well, it’s back with a remake, out later this year on consoles, PC and Mac and it’s super shiny!

Hopefully, you paid attention in school to understand the basics of roman numerals. However, if you were too busy getting off with someone behind the bike sheds or jabbing your partner with a compass, I can exclusively reveal XIII means’ Thirteen’.

Every day’s a learning day.

XIII - Have It
Have it! Source: PR

Released back in the days of running water, XIII was a super stylistic FPS that played on comic-book storytelling like the French comic Fantomas, in a cel-shade effect way before the illustrious Borderlands.

The game was an innovation when it came to visuals, but I didn’t experience it the first time around, and instead picked up a copy on PS2 before lockdown. It hasn’t aged that well, so seeing the new one from Microids and PlayMagic looks superb.

As for the story, you play number XIII who wakes amid President Sheridan’s assassination both injured and suffering from amnesia.

Killing is like riding a bike, and despite not knowing your identity, the muscle memory of death and destruction is second nature. However, you have the option to go the stealth route or go full-on gung ho. It’s up to you.

Uncovering your past, you find the real reason the US president was murdered and discover the part you played in this conspiracy. Sold? Check out the XIII trailer below:

It’s a bit of a wait as we all want everything now. The XIII remake will hit the shelves of the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC/Mac on the 10th of November.

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