Write Your Own Adventure In Cryptmaster

A dungeon crawler where the keyboard is mighter than the claymore+9 - in Cryptmaster, you type your way to victory.

While Cryptmaster might be lacking an exciting development team name like Super Squad (it’s made by Paul Hart and Lee Williams), it does have Akupara Games involved, so that should be enough to get you moist.

So what is it? It’s a dungeon crawler where comedy is a focal point. You’ll need your wits about you ‘to find clever solutions to intricate problems if you want to escape’.

Besides the throwback visuals, it’s a typing adventure – you have to combat enemies by typing out your actions. How cool is that?! Us bloggers/writers/reviewers/hacks should be in our element with this one.

Cryptmaster features include:

  • Say Anything You Want – Interact with the world and conquer quests by typing or speaking any word you can think of – each encounter has multiple solutions to discover!
  • A Weird, Wild World – Travel through mysterious underground kingdoms and meet talking doors, flirtatious toads, sarcastic ghouls, and more.
  • Noun You’re Playing With Power – Dungeon battles fueled by words – decipher forgotten spells, then type their names in battle to unleash the might of your undead heroes.
  • Endlessly Evolving Gameplay – You’ll constantly encounter new gameplay mechanics – from creature collecting, to card combat, to bard rap-battles & more.

Some moving images in sequence for you:

Cryptmaster is available to wishlist on Steam now, so make sure you do it, ok?

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