Wobbledogs Console Edition Release Date

A hit on PC and the Switch, a Wobbledogs Console Edition release date has been announced for PS4 and Xbox One this month.

What the heck is a Wobbledog? Regardless, Wobbledogs Console Edition is out this week, so PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get to find out.

If you can’t wait for a couple of days, this game is all about mutatations – in particular, mutant mutts, whom you raise from their guts (it’s written here!), watch them evolve, then feed them to their young once they’re done. 

It sounds morbid, but Wobbledogs from Animal Uprising and Auroch Digital has been a big hit on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, creating a unique, stress-free environment to… erm… tinker with science.

Here’s a Wobbledogs Console Edition trailer:

Wobbledogs Console Edition launches on the PS4 and Xbox One this week – the 23rd of May, 2023, to be precise. Go mutate!