Witch It, Witch It Good! Out Now On Steam

Witch It is a multiplayer hide and seek game released from the shackles of Early Access and available now on Steam!

More Halloween related fun in Witch It as it exits Early Access on Steam from Barrel Roll Games and Daedalic Entertainment with a whopping 750,000 players since Early Access in 2017.

A hide and seek title where hunters and witches must compete against each other, there’s a total of 15 maps as well as community creations. The point of the game is to either hunt the witches or escape the mobs.

As can be imagined with their magical prowess, witches can turn into any object within the landscape to fool the dumb hunters but also use spells to confuse or scare their opponents.

Witch It - The Mob
The Mob. Source: Steam

If you go the hunter route in Witch It, you come equipped with numerous tools and gadgets to help snag one of the old cronies, as well as perform a body slam to immobilise them. 

There are five different play modes that include Hide & Seek, Mobification and Hunt a Hag. The main features comprise of:

  • Play as a hunter or witch on 15 diverse maps, each with its own unique playstyles and prop layouts for you to discover
  • Use a growing array of fun skills to troll and fool your opponents
  • Dynamic, physical-based prop movement allows you to easily locate hiding spots or traverse the maps effortlessly
  • Unlock countless customisation options for both hunters and witches, of varying rarities and calibre
  • Progress and level your account to show off your prop hunting and hiding abilities
  • Play on public servers with other experienced prop hunters and witches, or open up your own private server and play with a group of friends

Fancy a trailer? Yes, please:

Pick up Witch It now on Steam. A review will follow soon!

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