Wild Dose First Session – Time To Take Your Cyberpunk Medicine

Keep off the grid and off your head on cyber drugs in Wild Does First Session - demo out now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m down for another dose of cyberpunkWild Dose First Session, that is. Best of all, this first instalment is free on Steam.

You play a cyberjunkie in Wild Dose First Session, looking for their next fix, cashing in your chips on cyber drugs. Set in a futuristic city juxtaposed with a wild virtual environment, you might not need the drugs.

Wild Dose First Session - On The Grid
On the grid. Source: Steam

The motivation for earning money is for the drug dubbed Wild Dose, and you’ll explore the slums of Eleftheria, even meeting the creator, Capetian. 

A first-person perspective, Wild Dose First Session, from Lappi Soft, looks like a visual treat, but it’s currently in development, and the current demo is to back the Kickstarter campaign.

Key features include:

  • Explore an immersive cyberpunk environment
  • Count on your own means in a world where private corporations have replaced public services
  • Talk to a diverse range of characters and discover their everyday lives
  • Get money to buy your Wild Dose and dive into a virtual wild environment
  • Lose your mind and start mixing real and virtual worlds

If this has piqued your interest, have a look at the trailer below:

No release date as yet, but you can wishlist Wild Dose First Session on Steam now.