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Why I’ve Decided Against Review Scores. For Now…

This fella’s always been a bit anti-scores. For the next month or so, I’m dropping reviews scores to see what happens.

Who knows. This site’s very point was to offer some advice and opinion about whether a game was worth buying or not, but the scores given are opinion, and I’ve concluded that they don’t really matter.

Why? Because almost everybody else gives the same, similar scores. What makes the review different is whether it’s informative or not, but there’s no way to measure that when most scroll to the bottom for a score.

This new approach is to weed out those opening up multiple tabs to skim over what game a score got. If you want to know what the game is like from one perspective, read the words, or watch some gameplay.

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There will be a few more videos going up as people grow lazy and illiterate. It’s something I’ve been reluctant to do for some time and been overthinking for years (literally) on what I have to offer that’s different to everyone else. Probably nothing. Shit.

I’ll let you be the jury on that.

Back to the review score side of things, they don’t matter, based on current opinion, so for the next month or so will toy with these summaries with a list of the good stuff and bad stuff at the end. That’s probably counterintuitive as it’s no different to review scores, and folk’ll be scrolling again.

Only one way to find out! Feel free to drop me an email if you have any sensible suggestions that don’t involve cat gifs.

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