Who Stole My Beard? Will Be Solved In August

Who Stole My Beard? is a question any model citizen of Beardsville would want immediately answered. Leo, fetch my coat.
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Neil Collier’s Who Stole My Beard? resonates on so many levels. First off, it’s a beard-related detective story, full of dad jokes. Secondly, it’s in memory of the developer’s German Shepherd, who passed in 2017. As a bearded German Shepherd owner full to the brim with dad jokes, this appeals to me, as I’m sure it will for others.

It’s an RPG, under the guise of Neil’s studio, Cleardot Games, and fuses the charm of Stardew Valley with detective based comedies of yesteryear. Peter Sellers reference?

Who Stole My Beard - Leo
Leo’s on the case. Source: Steam

Who Stole My Beard? is set in a town, Beardsville, where having a beard is a legal requirement, and rightly so. Paired up with your dog Leo, you’re on a hunt for lost beards, greasing the palms, or chins, of beardies with beard gel and coffee. If there’s any mention of sandalwood…

At first it was simply important to me to make a game in honor of my dog that had just passed away. I wanted the game to embody his goofy and friendly nature, and love for life. But it became much more than that…

Developer, Neil Collier

That goofy nature shows up as you use fake beards and items to uncover the crime with Leo. You’ll be avoiding the beard police, accessing buildings using the proper beard and on the hunt for the elusive wizard build to ‘enter all areas at will’.

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Features in Who Stole My Beard? include:

  • Explore Beardsville. The suburbs, university, museum, park, city hall and industrial districts are just a few of the places to visit.
  • Solve puzzles and unlock new beards to gain access to restricted areas and clues.
  • Fulfill the townsfolk’s requests. Sometimes a cup of coffee can be the start of a beautiful relationship. Fulfilling the requests of the townsfolk will earn you their favor and trust, unlocking new avenues of investigation.
  • Collaborate with your dog, Leo, to discuss case clues, suspects and plan of action. He may be a little sardonic, but he tells a great dad joke.
  • Fight off the Beardsville Police in a unique puzzle-based, stealth battle system.
  • Retro style, unique and charming artwork and music.
  • – Hours of cozy gameplay
  • – A charming cast of over 200 unique (and bearded) characters
  • – Unique, card/puzzle based battle system
  • – Immersive story rich with mystery, side plots and conspiracy!
  • – Many different types of puzzles: escape-rooms, logic, riddles, code breaking, and more
  • – Original artwork
  • – Dad jokes
  • – Beards!
  • Oh, and did we mention time travel?
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Here’s the Who Stole My Beard? trailer:

Who Stole My Beard? heads to Steam on the 2nd of August and will feature a 10% discount in the first week.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)