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White Shadows Available On Epic Games Store

Released on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, White Shadows gets a release on the Epic Games Store with a launch discount. Go on then.

White Shadows coming to Steam
Source: Steam

Not everything is black and white, but one thing is certain: White Shadows is now available on Epic Games Store, and to tickle your fancy, it also has a 25% launch discount.

Besides my illustrious review (pfft!), the game recently won the German Computer Game Awards Newcomer Award for “Best Debut”. Really, this puzzle-platformer is a stunner if you’re a fan of Inside and similar.

You play little Ravengirl, who looks to climb the hierarchical social ladder, quite literally, by escaping the oppressive powers that control the city. Surrounded by darkness, she must ascend towards the light – and that in no way was intended to read as cheesy.

It’s been great to hear the ways in which White Shadows has been interpreted and enjoyed since its release… By bringing the game to Epic and offering some discounts, I hope more people get the chance to check out our little piece of art.

Daniel Wagner, creative director and co-founder at Monokel

Here’s the recent White Shadows accolades trailer:

Already available on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Epic Games Store fans can play White Shadows now. Of course, with that 25% discount, at the time of writing.

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