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Where the Heart Is, Reshape Your Memories This Winter

A surreal narrative journey, Where the Heart Is comes to the PlayStation 4 this winter, from a team involved with Metroid PrimeBorderlands and Batman: Arkham.

With a team that includes the lead artist for Metroid Prime, and the art manager for God of WarArmature Studio has assembled a powerhouse of creators for Where the Heart Is, due for release in the winter.

When a sinkhole emerges in the middle of Whit Anderson’s farm, his dog, Casey stumbles in. Desperate to save his beloved Golden Retriever, Whit enters a world beyond his imagination.

Where the Heart Is - Memories
Reshaping memories. Source: PR

The realm Whit occupies shifts continually, as he sees his life before his eyes and the ability to change it. A place made up of his memories, Where the Heart Is covers the pivotal points in Whit’s lifetime.

Our lived experience is like a dream—lying somewhere between the material facts of the moment and how we perceive that moment in our minds

Todd Keller, director, Armature Studio

Here’s the most recent trailer:

Where the Heart Is is due on the PS4 in Winter 2020.

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