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Tim Burton-inspired point and click Whateverland enters the hall of Kickstarter, with the view of releasing on the Switch and PC by the end of the year.

Kickstarter is the digital equivalent of the local convenience store as all I seem to do these days is loiter around the latest releases.

Whateverland already had me at ‘point and click‘, but the art style in the game is right up my street. Err.. land.

Whateverland - Where is she
WHO is she? Source: PR

Caligari Games have launched said title on Kickstarter to complete on time and release on the Nintendo Switch and also PC.

The story follows the skilled tea leaf Vincent who has been imprisoned by a powerful witch. He’s a thief, so why should we care? 

Anti-hero or not, the Whateverland demands to be seen with its hand-painted environments and superb-looking characters through the teasing screenshots.

Like its LucasArts predecessors, there’s a branching dialogue system, non-linear gameplay and multiple endings. There’s even a unique board game which the developers describe as:

…a child of rugby and quidditch, that desperately wants to become chess.

Inspired by the likes of Tim Burton vehicles such as the classic Beetlejuice and Corpse BrideWhateverland is a ‘dark and whimsical comedy with unexpectedly serious topics’ on offer.

Check out the build-up in this Kickstarter trailer:

The Kickstarter campaign will run until the 15th of July and will release towards the tail end of 2020 on the Switch and PC.

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