Unruly Tenants In WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests

Help your friend/home, Fin - a mechanical whale, by evicting some unwanted Squiddies in puzzler, WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests.

Ready for a third-person puzzle adventure with a mechanical whale at the helm? WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests will be the game you’ll want to look out for this month without the need for a harpoon.

From Forbidden Folds, the concept sounds a trifle complex on screen, but the announcement trailer clears it up. As Ernest Hemingwhale (sounds like a pen name!), you’re the last remaining tenant in the mechanical whale, Fin, invaded by ‘mysterious and dangerous’ Squiddies.

What does that mean? Ernest will don his special gloves and pearls named Mr. Push and Mrs. Pull to solve puzzles and evict the unwanted guests. It’s not just about protecting your home, but your friend, too.

Watch the trailer below:

WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests is out on Steam from the 24th of January, 2023.