We’re Going On A Zid Journey

We're going on a Zid Journey, we're going on a big one. We're not scared. Erm... it's a point and click adventure in development...

Yay – an indie point and clickZid Journey is an in-development adventure from Azure Mountain and to be published by Kurki Games that had reached the Vulgar Knight shores, so let’s bloomin’ well talk about it.

A follow-up, or second part to the team’s first outing, Zniw Adventure, we find ourselves leaving the Magmosian Woods when a young dinosaur named Zid discovers a Daspletosaurus egg (a predator to the folk of the woods), so he decides to help reunite the newborn with their parents, all the while looking for his own.

Key features in the game include:

  • Charming visuals featuring cartoony art style, hand-drawn backgrounds, and frame-by-frame animations!
  • The dino-baby in your backpack will not only give you small hints, but will also have its own unique gameplay segments!
  • Even more different dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to meet on your way!
  • Visit new places, landmarks, and settlements in the prehistoric world of Polisemia!
  • The in-game encyclopaedia returns, with information about creatures, items, and locations you encounter during your travels!
  • A pleasant soundtrack done by Zniw Adventure’s composer – Denis Comtesse!

Here’s the Zid Journey trailer:

Zid Journey doesn’t have a release date just yet, but there’s a playable demo on Steam now, so get off your arse and give it a go. I’ll write about it when I get a sec.