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A strange one this, as it’s kind of a news piece, but I’d argue whether it’s actually that informative as little is known about Weird West. In a rare turn of events, I was sniffing around a few sites looking for some new games to add to my list when I came across one of my favourite publishers at the moment, Devolver Digital.

They represent Wolfeye Studios – a new developer featuring some of the creatives behind Dishonored and Prey. I’m not too familiar with either title. I mean, I had the original Prey, which I very much enjoyed, and also own Dishonoured 2 but after a couple of hours or so playthrough, couldn’t really get on with it.

Their new title, Weird West is nothing like the games before it in that Weird West isn’t a first-person shooter like the other two. It’s a top-down hand-drawn style, which looks good an all in the trailer, but it’s the concept that has got me interested.

As per the title, it’s set in the Wild West, only instead of cowboys, you’re fighting off hordes of the unknown. There are hints of werewolves (unless dogs really were that big back in the day), and perhaps more. Not much is known, but it will take a different take on the typical western – and I’m all for it as I’m not a true western fan. I thought the film Cowboys & Aliens was alright. Just alright, mind.

Touted as an action RPG, this could be one to watch. The only thing that I was unsure about was the title as I thought it was the game I bought last week on the eShop called Hard West. I haven’t played it yet, but they appear to be quite similar and I don’t think I’m alone in getting the two of them mixed up. However, a focus on silver bullets to put an end to a lycanthrope rather than because silver bullets look purdy should differentiate the two titles. I’ll let you know on Hard West as I’ll be reviewing it soon.

Interior scene for Weird West
The Sims takes a turn

I’ve had a quick scout about for the release date and all I found was on Steam with the enigmatic coming soon. However, they’ve only just announced the title, so let’s cut them some slack. Regardless, I’m looking forward to finding out more on this title.

In the meantime, fancy a western theme? Why not try Gunman Clive, as he’s also a cowboy and the only western-themed game I’ve reviewed on this site.

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