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Wands Boasts Some Magic With A Major Update

Grab your WANDS, it’s had a major update. Time to duke it out with the new dual-wielding feature!

Wands update
Source: Cortopia Studios

Get your Wands ready: there’s been a significant update that warrants a replay. New to the game like I am? Even better!

If only I had a magic wand to undo all the technical tomfoolery I endured at the tail end of last week, I may have been able to get the news out about this significant Wands update.

In case you aren’t up-to-speed, Wands is a rare title that pits VR players against one another online in magic duels. Rather than packing a pump-action shotgun or sniper rifle, instead, you sport an array of spells that burst with precision from your magical wand(s).

Wands - Dual-Wield
Dual-wielding like a boss. Source: Cortopia Studios

Think Harry Potter meets the Jedi Knights, and you’ve got a rough idea. 

Cortopia Studios, creators of the brilliant Down the Rabbit Hole, has followed up on feedback and created two significant updates. The first being the dual-wielding option, not seen before, and the second is the room-scale support.

Not fully understanding the latter, what this essentially means is they have increased the playable space so you can ‘move more freely without going out of bounds’. This is something that tends to plague some VR titles, so it’s great to see this update.

The new system allows for more intuitive gameplay while also taking advantage of both hands. We believe this fundamentally improves the game because it’s now easier to learn but harder to master. 

Elliott, QA & Community Manager at Cortopia 

Other than reworking the arenas, the locomotion system has been overhauled to offer a much faster pace and balancing of some tweaks. What can be concluded then is Wands has received quite the facelift.

I can barely contain my excitement and believe that my introduction to the game has come at the right time. 

Watch out for later in the week as I have a trick up my sleeve on the PSVR. In the meantime, check out the game in action in the following Wands trailer:

Wands is available now Oculus Quest, Steam VR, the Oculus Rift Store and Viveport Infinity. Do note that Cortopia has had to discontinue for the Gear VR as it does not support the new Oculus SDKs.

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