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Wait! Life Is Beautiful! Take This Demo For Example

Wait! Life Is Beautiful! isn’t just a bold statement but an upcoming psychological thriller on Steam.

From [Dramatic Music Plays] – great name, and publishers GameNet, the interactive thriller covers important topics such as suicide, drawn from the developer’s own experiences and raising mental health awareness.

With the demo, Wait! Life Is Beautiful! Prologue, you get to play the protagonist, ‘living one day on the Suicide Bridge in attempts to save some desperate souls’.

Wait! Life Is Beautiful! - YOLO
YOLO. Source: Official site

Your character is an average person, exhausted from the monotony that life can sometimes be and his only escape is from helping others. 

The dialogue revolves around engaging with people with suicidal tendencies and convincing them to change their ways. It’s a massive theme to cover, and if done with the correct amount of sensitivity, could be a compelling experience.

After all, a public taboo around it creates the artificial isolation of those who are affected by it. Sure we have made some positive strides, but far too many are still stigmatized, simply due to a lack of education.

Egor Perviy, head of Dramatic Music Plays

Cinematic trailers are supposed to capture your attention, and while you shouldn’t base a game on these promo pieces, there’s no denying that this sequence looks fantastic:

Pick up the demo for Wait! Life Is Beautiful! on the respective Steam page from the 6th of August.

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