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Vulgar’s Top Picks for 2020: Year of the Remake

Everyone who writes about games has either given their lists for 2019 or the decade. Mine is for the upcoming titles of 2020!

Press image for Final Fantasy VII Remake

As 2019 draws to a close, 2020 buffs it’s boot and punts it out of the way for some new titles. But what titles are coming in 2020? Really, no one knows.

I do though. Here are my top picks for the year, in no particular order.

Final Fantasy VII

Press image for Final Fantasy VII Remake
Just a bit of makeup and some gel here, and they polish up well

Starting with a remake/remaster/reboot is Final Fantasy VII. Hands down my favourite of the FF series, having originally swapped out the game back in the late 90s for Crash Bandicoot. My cousins hated it, so I gave them the good ol’ coot in exchange for Cloud – quite possibly my first JRPG that I can think of.

Cutscenes aren’t everything, but if you were around at the time of the first version back on the PlayStation, you’ll know that the FMV sequences were some of the best in the business and added to the magic of the narrative. The remaster is looking stunning, but the in-game graphics look awesome and entirely welcome. Come release date, I’ll be throwing a sickie for a good couple of weeks.

Resident Evil 3

Press image for Resident Evil 3 remake
Forget Prague, Racoon City is THE city to visit in 2020

Remakes galore and quite possibly a controversy from yours truly. At this time, I still haven’t played the Resident Evil 2 remake despite hearing so many glowing testimonies. The worst thing is, I actually own it and simply haven’t had time to play it. The original was one of my all-time favourite PlayStation titles and must have finished it four or five times from when I bought it. Weirdly, I played it to the soundtrack of Primus’ Sailing the Seas of Cheese on cassette, so every time I hear the album, think of the game. Lock me up.

The second controversy is that I’ve never played Resident Evil 3! Sure, I’ve seen others play sections of it and I know who Jill Valentine is… duh… however, it’s not nostalgia for me, so I’ll be looking at this with fresh eyes in 2020. That is if I play it then. I’ll probably be playing Resident Evil 2.

Check out my news piece for the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Ghost of Tsushima

Press image Ghost of Tsushima
Disco inferno

When I saw the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima the first time around, I filled my pants. The good filling. It looked superb, but delay after delay and it got put back. No lives lost (that I know of) so let’s wait until it comes out to see if it’s as good as anticipated.

My gut tells me this will be released around the time of the PS5 on both systems, much like Zelda: Breath of the Wild was on the Switch and Wii. I think I already wrote that in the news piece I did after the second trailer was released. Nevertheless, this game looks amazing and I just hope that it’s easier than Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I can’t bear to play in feudal Japan and so epically fail, that I can’t get past that horse dude.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Press image for Predator: Hunting Grounds
Not the same laser as Buzz Lightyear

I think this might be a bit hit and miss as potentially, this could be a corker, but there’s something in me (DNA I believe) that tells me that it could go the other way and be a bit ‘meh’.

My confidence isn’t completely retiring to the Christmas couch however and I have to say I’m looking forward to playing the berserker class, but equally want to get my mitts on the bow. Also, the female predator. Well, not get my mitts on her. I don’t want to be cancelled.

Here’s a link to the breaking news from a couple of weeks ago.

The Last of Us Part II

Press release for The Last of Us Part II
A moody teenager with a guitar? Give it a chance…

So there was a delay on this coming out, and I’m sure a handful of people threw a hissy fit about it as if their life depended on just one title. I mean, we’re really spoilt for choice in 2020 – and that’s only the titles we know about.

Naughty Dog got it right with the first one, and also with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – easily one of my own personal favourites of all time. Not too much is known about The Last of Us Part II, but one thing is for certain; Ellie returns five years after the events of the first. Let’s just wait to see what happened with Joel…

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Press release image for Yakuza: Like a Dragon
“Could you point me in the direction of the nearest barbers, perchance?”

Without a doubt, Yakuza 0 remains a firm favourite for me, but that’s because I still haven’t properly played Yakuza 6 or Judgment and they’re still sitting in the backlog pile. Can we put the PS5 on hold? I’m still catching up.

Anyway, it’s a change of events this time around and Kiryu is gone and instead, we now have Ichiban (he’s number one). Also, the fighting system has changed and it will be turn-based. Will it work? Only one way to find out. Once I’ve had some yakitori, bought some onigiri and completed all the karaoke mini-games. I’ll also be looking forward to the PS4 remake of Yakuza 5 too.

Cyberpunk 2077

Press image for Cyberpunk 2077
Focus on the gun, people

I don’t know anything about this game, as in the history of the boardgame, nor do I know much about the plot. However, I’m invested in CD Projekt Red and like you all, have seen the breathtaking trailers for the game.

Cyberpunk and sci-fi aren’t usually my thing, but there is a charm about the genre and I’m growing intrigued with what this will be like. Another Deus Ex perhaps, but with bigger worlds from the team that brought us the Witcher? The future couldn’t be any closer.

Pre-order stuff can be found at the official site.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Press images for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
Step aside, Link. I got this.

Like Resident Evil 3 mentioned above, it’s a bit mad for me wanting this title when I still haven’t finished The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I got it a couple of months or so after launch as it was very clearly holding it’s price and I couldn’t wait any longer.

Unfortunately, time management hasn’t been my special ability of late, and I got swamped with game reviews and other real work. I don’t know how far I am in the first title, pretty far? Regardless, I’ll be getting this as it’s a given to have the latest Zelda title. Even if The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is missing from my library.

Nioh 2

Press release for Nioh 2
Starlight, star bright, give me the might to axe this oni with big boobies

Next year will be full of samurai, yakuza and well, just plain Japanese fever as it’s Tokyo 2020 and there’s just so many new titles coming out. I’ll be in Japan in 2020 but will I be picking this up or any of the other titles? Hell no! I struggle with English, let alone reading through endless kanji! On top of that, the original Nioh was one of the hardest games I played last year.

I know it didn’t come out in 2019, but when it first came out it was a little pricey and my first demo of it wasn’t a great experience. I’ve since completed the story – emphasis on story as all the other levels seem impossible as they’re so bloody hard. Nioh was nothing like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, however. If it wasn’t for the online support, I would have quit it. I’m hoping Nioh 2 will have the same depth and reliance on online play but less of the attitude. Man, it was tough.

No More Heroes III

Press image for No More Heroes III
Travis hits a baddie with his rob

Despite owning a copy of the first title on the Wii, I wasn’t too familiar with the No More Heroes world. I am pretty much aware of Suda51 however as he’s one of the few individuals that stand out and get acknowledged as being pioneers in their field. Of course, it’s a group effort, but someone has to get the credit, right?

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was my real adventure into the franchise, and it’s supposedly the worst of the bunch. Still, I enjoyed it, and if No More Heroes III has the same pop culture references and breaking of the fourth wall, I’m all for it.

Beyond A Steel Sky

Press release for Beyond a Steel Sky
This goes further than any Steel Sky game could go

If you’re familiar with these parts, you’ll know my love affair with the point and click adventure game. One of my favourite titles back in the day and on the Amiga 500 was Beneath A Steel Sky. It was pretty tough as unlike LucasArts games, you could actually die. The artwork was brilliant and the game was even better when it had the full audio voice acting.

A new title is on the horizon and that title is Beyond A Steel Sky. There have been some hints over time that something was in the works, so when I finally heard about it, I barked at the moon. That’s what crazies do. I think this warrants a separate piece, so I’m going to knock together a feature as the original game is worth playing – especially as it’s available on mobile devices.

Check out more on Beneath A Steel Sky here.

And on that note, I’m done. There are some honourable mentions, but at this time (18:28), these are the games I’m looking to pawn my kids off so I can buy them.

However, with all these new generations of consoles coming, 2020 could be more eventful than initially anticipated. Less than 48 hours until 2020 kicks off.

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