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Voyage out now on Steam
Source: Steam


Voyage Without The ‘Bon’ as We Follow Two Castaways On Steam

Play either on your own or with a friend as you try to unravel your past and make it home in Voyage – on Steam now.

If you read these articles through a feed, then I apologise for the inconsistent publishing times, but today cannot finish without a mention of Voyage, out now on Steam.

A hand-painted cinematic adventure, this game from Venturous is a nice cup of exploration for those thirsty for a solo adventure or as a co-op. Playing as two survivours, you embark on a journey to ‘unravel a mystery and find a way home together’.

Venturous is a little indie venture (ha!) run by two brothers in Sweden, and with this knowledge, wonder how much of them are in the castaways? Time will tell, but hoping to get a whiff of this one.

Voyage - Flat
See? It isn’t flat. Source: Steam

Key features:

  • Shared experience – Work alone or with a friend to guide our two survivors and explore the world of Voyage in a seamless cooperative experience.
  • Hand-painted – Lose yourself in Voyage’s sprawling hand-painted environments.
  • Wordless narrative – Seek answers in a mysterious, wordless journey.
  • Non-violent – With an emphasis on exploration over violence, Voyage can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • Accessible controls – Customizable input methods such as keyboard, gamepad, mouse, and touch.
  • Immersive soundscape – Music and sound by Calum Bowen, composer for Snipperclips, Pikuniku and Lovely Planet.

Words can paint a picture, but a trailer will animate it:

Voyage is out now on Steam.

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