Defeat Formidable Bosses In Cosmic Horror Voidwrought

Powersnake and Kwalee join forces to release Metroidvania Voidwrought later this year on PC and Switch.

A cosmic horror without any mention of H.P. LovecraftPowersnake and Kwalee bravely introduce their take on a Metroidvania without referencing Cthulhu – ladies and gents: Voidwrought.

In this 2D action platformer, players take control of the newly born Simulacrum, delving deep into the ruins of the First Civilisation to dethrone the primaeval gods. There are over 70 enemies and 10 formidable bosses, don’t you know?

We’re excited to join forces with Kwalee as our publishing partner, and through our discussions feel assured that our joint passion will bring to life the vision we hold for Voidwrought, and allow us to create the best experience possible.

Christofer Levall, Powersnake

Key features in Voidwrought include:

  • Delve Beneath the Surface – A tight core loop of exploration and combat, supported by varied traversal abilities, exquisite art and animation, and formidable boss battles.
  • Wield Ancient Artifacts – Customisable loadout with over 30 Artifacts, ranging from spectral ranged weapons to traps that manipulate the flow of time
  • Build Your Shrine – Your coming was foretold. Gain followers to excavate and expand the Simulacrum’s shrine. In its halls, discover NPCs, secrets, and routes into new areas.

Voidwrought is coming to the PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and the Nintendo Switch in 2024.