Voidspeed Outlaw
Source: PR

That’s right, a retro-futuristic racer set on Mars, Voidspeed Outlaw takes inspiration from the late 80s/early 90s to produce this low def title.

From Cydonian Games, this game definitely has an F-Zero vibe to it, which is likely to have been one of the inspirations for this title currently in development.

So, we’ve established that this is based on Mars, next up it’s to say this is set in the 22nd century, so unless you’re a vampire or similar, we’ll all be dead by then so let’s assume this is a realistic simulation.

Voidspeed Outlaw - Not F-Zero
Not F-Zero. Source: PR

Like any racing title with a story, you enter the Voidspeed Racing League and steadily climb the ranks in this illegal setup in the Martian underground. 

Voidspeed Outlaw features include:

  • Authentic pseudo-3D rendering drawn using 2D pixel art. Relive classic racing game style with modern twists and effects.
  • Ability to take on a variety of race tracks set on Mars, Titan, Europa, and more.
  • A storyline featuring lovingly crafted pixel art cutscenes.
  • Several arcade game modes.
  • Variety of unique speeder models to choose from.
  • Upgrading and tuning your speeder.

Today a trailer has been launched, and today, I present it to thee:

Out next year, Voidspeed Outlaw shows promise and if you’re as forgetful like me, you can wishlist it now to remind yourself nearer the time.

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