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Voidspeed Outlaw Offers A Glimpse Of The Future In New Teaser Trailer

A new Voidspeed Outlaw teaser trailer has been released, showing off a bit of gameplay and cutscenes. Seen it yet?

Voidspeed Outlaw teaser trailer
Source: Steam

I remember Voidspeed Outlaw – you may recall the post about it back in the days when we were only dreaming about colonising Mars. Well, now that’s reality, so too is this new teaser trailer.

From Cydonian Games, this fast-paced pseudo-3D racing game showcases a new trailer featuring gameplay and the story mode cutscenes. 

Voidspeed Outlaw - Thinkin bout thinkin
Thinkin’ ’bout thinkin’. Source: Steam

You’ll forgive me for not repeating the same bits as in the last post, but if you can’t be bothered to read that, or read it before, here’s a summary of the key features in Voidspeed Outlaw:

  • Authentic pseudo-3D rendering drawn using 2D pixel art. Relive classic racing game style with modern twists and effects.
  • Ability to take on a variety of race tracks set on Mars, Titan, Europa, and more.
  • A storyline featuring lovingly crafted pixel art cutscenes.
  • Several arcade game modes.
  • Variety of unique speeder models to choose from.
  • Upgrading and tuning your speeder.

And the reason for the post? The new teaser trailer:

Voidspeed Outlaw is set for a Steam release in 2021. No other details, just wishlist it if you like it.

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