Void Slayer Avoiding The Void And Out Today

If you're into FPS titles but want to try your hand at using magic instead of bullets, check out Void Slayer, out on PC today.

Both ‘void’ and ‘slayer’ sound like the perfect word combo for a videogame: Void Slayer. Yeah, man – that sounds wicked! What is it?

Void Slayer is a new FPS from Madmind Studio with a slight twist on the typical arena-based game. First of all, there are no guns – you use your fists, but instead of a knuckle sandwich, magic shoots out of them.

More importantly, the point of the game is to avoid (ha) falling into the void. So Void Slayer is a survival game then? I’d say so, but the Steam page says it’s also bullet hell

Like this kind of stuff? How about VR game Wands?

Key features include:

  • Powerful magic gloves empowered with every crystal you break
  • Agile and Swift movement : double jump, dash & teleporting to runes! Bunny hopping that rewards skillful players
  • Leaderboard : Compare your score with your friends or Players around the globe
  • Several types of enemies with unique behavioral patterns
  • Destroyable environment
  • Flares that will throw some light on dark n cold environment

Trailer! Trailer! Trailer!

Void Slayer is out today on Steam. If you’re feeling fruity, you can buy it as a Succubus as there’s been a new update (perhaps they gave her bigger tits for her adoring fans?). Check out the deets in the link below. The promotion finishes on the 30th of January.