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Viking City Builder Is A Building Simulator With A More Rustic Nature

Viking City Builder is an ambitious project by one developer. By the time you’ve read through the features, seen the screenshots and trailer, you’ll be in awe of what’s been produced thus far.

Set in the Viking Age, the latest gaming trend it would seem, you take control of a Viking unit on their quest to conquer throughout Europe, building a settlement on the ashes of your victims.

Much like a traditional city building game with real-time strategy mechanics, it’s obviously a Viking theme, with the options to build traditional homes, longhouses, boating houses, ritual houses and more.

Viking City Builder - Floorplan
Floor plans. Source: PR

Once the structures are in place, it’s on to the army; instilling fear in your enemies with your fierce warriors. Low on resources? What did the Vikings do? Pillage. In Viking City Builder, you get to do exactly that.

Powered by Unreal Engine, this is the first strategy game to use ray tracing to enhance the visuals. Just looking at the presentation of the game would question whether developer Roslagen is, in fact, a wizard.

Key features in Viking City Builder include:

  • Fortify your settlement and battle the Europeans, who want to take back their territories.
  • Pilliage neighbouring villages for valuable resources.
  • Build real-life structures, taken out straight from Viking history.
  • Manage the settlement, assign tasks and various professions and build a strong economy.
  • Take on an adventure and sail through the seas and rivers.

Here’s a video trailer to showcase the goods thus far:

There’s no date set yet, but bookmark/wishlist Viking City Builder from the Steam page now.

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