Your Wallet, Versus Evil, In Epic Games Store Sale – Ends Today!

Grab yourself a bargain in the final day of the Versus Evil Summer Sale on the Epic Games Store.

Before this sounds like a promo piece for Versus Evil (well, it is, only off my own back), their Summer Sale, which ends today, has some decent titles up for grabs that it’s worth having a peek.

Heck, you could even read through my reviews; I mean, that’s why they’re there…

So what’s on offer in the Versus Evil Summer Sale? First up is Cardpocalypse. This is one of the first deck-building games that turned my opinion of the genre on its head. Playing as 10-year old Jess, you move to a new elementary school and accidentally get the school’s favourite card trading game banned.

Cardpocalypse in Versus Evil Summer Sale
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Cue some real-life mutants that invade the school, and only Jess and her friends can save Dudsdale Elementary from this apocalypse! Read the Cardpocalypse review here.

Next in the Versus Evil line-up is Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game. A narrative-driven adventure where you meet a series of strangers and decipher an equal number of allegories to work out who you are and where you’re heading.

Featuring some gorgeous visuals, the voiceovers in this game are magic in places where you’ll be hanging on their every word. Again, read the Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game review here.

Finally, it’s my favourite PC platformerSockventure. After a shaky start with some questionable intro animation and the actual set-up for the story, Sockventure launched into some of the best platforming mechanics I’ve experienced that’s not exclusively on a console.

A precision platformer that isn’t a homage to games of yesteryear, this is a modern entry to the genre that features a wealth of mechanics that make this both varied and fun. Read the Sockventure review here.

Sockventure Review
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A bit late in the day to post this, but if it points you in the right direction for a bargain game that’s well worth playing (all three most definitely are), then head on over to the Epic Games Store.